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  1. Lyrra

    Imp's Poetry Corner

    #81... Wow! I love all your poetry Sir Bard of the Seven Realms... all the whimsical and random thoughts. You are a gem... a person who truly gives a damn and tries hard to make the game a good experience for all. Just know that you have a lot of supporters who love and appreciate you... ❤
  2. Lyrra

    Mana Changes Proposal

    I dunno Zap... as a new player, I had no problem with earning the gold I needed to play well... I gathered and fought bounties and picked up all drops... some were good additions to my current gear... the rest I sold. I did struggle a little getting enough supplies at first, but that evened out...
  3. Lyrra

    Mana Changes Proposal

    You do know you can turn off trade chat, right? I have both world and trade chat turned off when I play as they drive me crazy otherwise. I agree with much of what you say, but to say that US2 is a kinder, gentler server than US3 or any other is just not true. When I was a new player on US3...
  4. Lyrra

    Mana Changes Proposal

    And yes! Thank you @Damon Otter, @Sarah Otter, and the other Otters... for caring about your players, listening, making constant improvements, and trying to fix controversial issues. The amount of uproar you receive by new proposals is also a measure of just how popular V&H is... an amazing...
  5. Lyrra

    Mana Changes Proposal

    My thoughts exactly! I am level 95 with five rebirths... All my talents are used already and I do not wish to lose any power from my current talent tree in order to increase mana/mana regen. I worked long and hard on my final build and am very happy with it. Expecting us to change our current...
  6. Lyrra

    Mana Changes Proposal

    Good point!
  7. Lyrra

    Patch Notes Servers Down Tuesday, March 16th for Small Fix-it Patch 4.57.2

    Not true in my case... like I said, ALL my talents are Nature. I have NONE in Marksman. However, the VAST majority of drops I get in raids and elsewhere are for Marksman. (Ask Valyant how many epics I give him every day to stockpile for others because they are useless to me.) Yet Marksman...
  8. Lyrra

    New Raid Structure: Playbalance

    Raids are actually FUN now... We have so many folks show up for daily guild raids lately, we often have to turn some away. Before the changes, it was very difficult to get a raid together... and good luck getting folks to do more than one or two. Now, folks want to raid all the time! Best of...
  9. Lyrra

    Patch Notes Servers Down Tuesday, March 16th for Small Fix-it Patch 4.57.2

    I am a Nature Hunter with ONE marksman spell on my bow... Concussion. Yet the vast majority of drops I am getting are for Marksman... including a natural legendary bow... Boo! I am wondering what is being used by the game to determine a player's drops? If it is our gear, we will continue to...
  10. Lyrra

    Song Title Game 4th Edition

    Simon and Garfunkel - The Sounds of Silence
  11. Lyrra

    What’s you’re favourite class 2021 edition!

    Nature Hunter!
  12. Lyrra

    Temporary Playbalance Fix for Raids

    I just want to say how enjoyable raids are now. Before the changes, it was like pulling hen's teeth to get enough folks to raid... now we easily fill one within minutes and often don't have room for everyone who wants in. They are, in a word, FUN! Before, they were frustrating and really no...
  13. Lyrra

    Daily quest is not a daily when this happens...

    This has happened to me twice with the Research Quest... once on Dusk Twins and once on Ash White... It is more than frustrating!
  14. Lyrra

    Fan Friday Fan Friday Jan 22 - 29

    Gratz to all winners! Well deserved by all!
  15. Lyrra

    Suggestions for 2021 'Quality of Life Build'

    I would like to see a back door to the house so we can access our vaults while gardening/ranching. An easily edited favorites list... especially for zones you visit frequently and friends you contact most More options for sorting items, as well as sub-sorts... e.g., I would like to be able to...
  16. Lyrra

    Actual Stats or Pool Values: Player Poll!

    Right now, I am so confused I truly don't know which system is best... I'll let the math wizzes vote.
  17. Lyrra

    Mary Mary Quite Contrary, How Does Your Garden Grow?

    Whoa... they are ideas to bounce around... not personal attacks on you.
  18. Lyrra

    Crafted Mana Potions

    I read the entire post and I believe most everyone did... many problems with the current system are being highlighted by players and we have given several viable ideas on how to fix the problem. Your assumptions are not true at all. Yes, players are venting... the mana has been a frustration for...
  19. Lyrra

    Crafted Mana Potions

    I totally agree