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  1. Show us your house interior!

    For example, here is my VERY minimalist bachelor pad! Kidding; I will actually furnish it :)
  2. 95 Elder Run - Major Lag Issues

    Ah, Villagers & Heroes! How do I lag thee? Let me count the ways... -My elder run timer was skipping seconds. For example, going from 5:58 to 5:56 without showing 5:57 in between. -Missed gold on two of the four elders (Jacinda and Lannox) even with a strong group. I got Hox's gold by the skin...
  3. Patch Notes Advance Patch Notes - The Mana Build!

    I'm intrigued by the upcoming changes and mostly curious about how they'll work together, but I am concerned about lowering wizard stun durations. And it's not because I don't like liberty drams; I love liberty drams but I'm squishy whether stunned or not, because that's how fire wizard is. And...
  4. Warrior hot bar bug with relics

    Mine seems to be functioning normally again, although not in the same play session as when I noticed the problem. Sometimes trying the same thing (Talents --> Customize slots) repeatedly does give a different result.
  5. Warrior hot bar bug with relics

    Having the same problem. The first thing I tried was the steps you suggest. Sent a bug report.
  6. VH Cook-a-Lookalike Contest!

    "Sweet Sea Pie" - slightly overbaked. "A delicious crusted sweet pie. Made with rare sugar from the Zona cane. Good texture, crisp bottom, great with a little powdered sugar on top." Ingredients used: Pomegranate Sugar Egg Blue food coloring* Dash of vinegar* Cornstarch* * Ingredients not...
  7. Can't update game

    After trying the same thing a few more times, it finally worked. No idea why. But hey, I'll take it. Thanks for your suggestions Perlio. :)
  8. Can't update game

    I tried restarting my phone and going from this screen instead of the game page in the store: Result was the update actually started downloading whereas before it hadn't even done that. Unfortunately the update still didn't succeed. I'll try uninstalling/reinstalling later.
  9. Can't update game

    Google Play Store tells me that the V&H update is 225 mb and my phone doesn't have enough space for it. My phone has 1.7 gb free. Can anyone shed some light on this? I've never had this problem with a V&H update before. I once had the same issue with another game - couldn't update the game...
  10. GAME ISSUES Friday, May 27th

    I'm in on Android now! Woohoo!
  11. What keeps YOU buried in the Catacomb?

    I’ve seen some interesting comments from players who find Catacombs manageable and players who don’t, both on these forums and in the game. But I’ve seen people who find the raid manageable being more vocal on the forums and people who don’t being more vocal in the game, so I’d like to share my...
  12. St Paddy Fashion Show Extravaganza!

    So I was celebrating, and next thing I knew, I was a scantily-clad leprechaun on a flying carpet, dispensing gold at the top of a tree in a zone you practically have to rob a bank to access... Fal Vorad, US2
  13. Level 90 elders

    Level 90 elders. We don't have them. Why not? Mid to end game elders are 5 levels apart except for the 10 levels from 85 to 95. It's inconsistent and can be frustrating to the player to have to wait 10 levels for the next level of elders when this hasn't been they case since levels 40-50...
  14. Gold Exploit

    Seems to be a discrepancy between these posts: This post seems to indicate that some non-zero amount of exploiting actually did occur on US3. This post seems to indicate that no exploiting actually occurred on US3. Given that some past exploiting on US3 and no past exploiting on US3 cannot...
  15. List any PC features missing from mobile here!

    Yes, please remove it. Let's leave the death by chat for times when you're actually chatting on purpose. Don't need to die by chat when you didn't even want to be chatting in the first place. :p
  16. Suggestions for 2021 'Quality of Life Build'

    Suggestion from a mobile player - not sure if this is relevant to PC: I'd like to see the rarity of items show at a glance in the auction house via color coding. Currently, the display is thus: All of the listings are in the same boringly-colored text, so you have to check each one individually...
  17. Raid daily/weekly rewards - change/bug?

    Ah, okay, good to know. I'm scratching my head over the inconsistency (why exactly should I have to put in the same effort twice to get one reward as compared to subsequent rewards and if it's on purpose then why wouldn't the game clarify that requirement to avoid confusion or disappointment?)...
  18. Raid daily/weekly rewards - change/bug?

    So, I did a Woods raid a couple days ago, my first raid of the new season, but neither the daily nor the weekly rewards for Bandicott Woods have showed as completed, eiher at the time or now. I did receive a relic in the regular rewards for the raid, but no ducats or any indication that I had...
  19. Suggestions for 2021 'Quality of Life Build'

    Not sure if this already exists on PC, but on mobile it would be useful if the "manage auctions" tab listed how many auctions you were currently running out of the total allowed. I've sometimes hit the limit unexpectedly and then wished I'd listed something else, so knowing how many I was...
  20. Knock knock. Who's there? Dragon. Dragon who? Never question a dragon, roarrrrrr!!!

    Me, after zacksidentally trying to break into a 95's house.