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  1. Math Fish

    Show us your house interior!

    Alright, I think I'm ready to show off my house. Here's the dining/lounge area. Here's a reading area. Most of the shelves are missing books, but I'm working on stocking them (2 lecturns, the traven bookshelf, and 2 reader bookshelves so far). And finally, a place to sleep.
  2. Math Fish

    House Item Wish List - What do our Players Want in their Homes?

    I would like one of these, please and thank you. :)
  3. Math Fish

    Warrior Changes

    For this multiple sets idea, even something as simple as a button that switches between 2 copies of the gear screen would do wonders. All it would need to do is give a confirmation message "Are you sure you want to switch to set #?", then upon confirmation switch the gear out as if we had...
  4. Math Fish

    More Emojis?

    Here are a few more from my guild members (only ones not mentioned are listed): shh/quiet/shush vomit sorry/embarrassed Some of the often repeated ones are the hug and :p emotes. I also had one shocked, but we already have the /doubletake emote for that.
  5. Math Fish

    More Emojis?

    Here are some I thought of that haven't been mentioned: confused - It could be the same as the forum :confused: or have a more quizzical o.O look to it. dazed - This would be a face with swirlies for eyes. liedown - This one really requires the animation, but you can simply reuse the death...
  6. Math Fish

    What is scaling in V&H. What exactly does it mean?

    I'm talking about these things: - Level 95 gear (with the mythic bonus) - Preparations you can't get anywhere else (rings, necklace, trinkets) - Elder levels (mostly the vitality and mana ... or mastery for hybrid builds) - Blighted Potions - Blighted Preparations - Blighted Buffs And there is...
  7. Math Fish

    Patch Notes Advance Patch Notes - The Mana Build!

    That is correct: I am not a dev. Devs have a special profile reflecting that. I simply have an extra ribbon under my name saying I'm a Royal Guardian. And I feel like @Evanlyn said it quite well. A lot of the feedback here is likely concerns about the upcoming patch. Any time changes happen...
  8. Math Fish

    Patch Notes Advance Patch Notes - The Mana Build!

    Once upon a time I browsed these forums and saw that people with opposing views had amicable discussions on the pros and cons on all manner of topics. Now I see any form of criticism - whether it be informed or not ... whether it be tested or not ... whether it be constructive or not ... whether...
  9. Math Fish

    What is scaling in V&H. What exactly does it mean?

    If we are looking for equality, I believe scaling does that. The crux of the issue is that you get more stuff as you level: access to more gear types, better gear, better consumable items, more sockets, more talent points, more time to learn the game, more time before you level up ("infinite" at...
  10. Math Fish

    Where's this game headed?

    Let me provide an intuitive definition based on what the OP said in his post. Keep in mind that this only applies to this discussion, not to challenge in general: "Challenging content", for the sake of this discussion, is any of the new combat-focused event zone content (such as the Bash and...
  11. Math Fish

    Most and least populous class/subclass across servers

    I'm looking at all the responses about the marksman and this is about all I can say: Actually, there is another thing: Didn't we do a popularity poll of all the classes several months back? If someone has an image of it this would be the perfect place for it. I'd also like to do another one, ngl.
  12. Math Fish

    Raid Poll

    I may be a bit different than most here (and also quite similar). I run raids primarily because I love seeing other people having fun and people seem to have a lot of fun in raids when things go well. On the other hand I do love myself a good challenge, but couldn't care less about the...
  13. Math Fish

    Skip raid stages with Ducats

    While this suggestion has great appeal, I'm afraid this would have to be implemented in a different way than simply "ducats = more levels". Here's why: Most of your ducats are earned through the daily and weekly rewards (10/daily and 100/weekly). So people could easily complete platinum raids...
  14. Math Fish

    Patch Notes Servers Down Monday, Dec 5th for Patch 4.86.4 - Season 5 of Raids!

    Nice try! I don't think they are letting us have poop and coal again. lol
  15. Math Fish

    Official Stat Formula

    As far as being over max is concerned, the formula does not account for base stats or stuff like relics. For Savagery you start with 2% crit chance. Then the realm bonus adds a bit more (forget off hand how much). Just take away those values and you should have your crit rate from Savagery. And...
  16. Math Fish

    Patch 4.85.6 - Server Only Build

    So you are saying that ALL these other vaults are UGLY too? :P
  17. Math Fish

    Patch 4.85 - The Haunted Moors - Now Live!

    I want my vault to look like an outhouse. It is where I keep my "poop", after all. :)
  18. Math Fish

    Group parties increased to 15

    I was just thinking about this. What if we had an "invite only" option for raids? I'm not sure how the logistics of that would work, but it is an option and doesn't require them to make a 15-person party outside of raids (it was hard enough INside raids, from what I remember).
  19. Math Fish

    Raids Season 5!!!

    Right as I was about to hit enter to post this message, Sarah made her reply. I'm still going to put it here, though. lol The following is my understanding of it all. Sarah can correct me if I'm wrong. :) As far as I can tell, "housing update" refers to our future ability to enter into our...
  20. Math Fish

    Necklaces - What is missing?

    The only thing I know of are the augment runes for your other subclass. that will give you another set for your other subclass. Granted, that is probably absolutely worthless to you, but that is all I can think of.