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  1. Rohana

    Our New EU1 Moderators!

  2. Rohana

    How do I gift an item from the premium shop?

    conditions so that items purchased at the store are not account bound: you cannot be a steam client or IOS / Android; you must have purchased crowns with money, at least 1 time; you must have a character that has reached level 40+ on that server, whether or not they later rebirthed; need to...
  3. Rohana

    Warrior Changes

    I liked the suggestions in general, only this one of adding something to the Veil of Thunder and Veil of Quakes token spells. that I believe, in practice, will have no use, because they are feats that nobody uses.
  4. Rohana

    Raid Poll

    Taking advantage of the occasion, I would like to renew the request that many players have already made, in addition to the various points that were placed here, that the rewards of the raids be given according to my class AND SUBclass. They are soulbounds and, even though they are legendary...
  5. Rohana

    WINNERS of the Sugarsweet Mount Lottery!

  6. Rohana

    Which zones do you only do once or avoid?

    I will add Swamps of Grogul and Slopes of Grogul, only because if you follow the main quest, going on these maps is not worth the xp. Maiden, I think it's a very big map, hard to escape from mobs, and again, if you follow the main quest, you don't need to go here anymore to get a good xp, same...
  7. Rohana

    Premium speed or not?

    These mounts do not have the premium speed, since they are the items you get in the red darrig chest or circus. I don't know if the devs intend to change this, but at the moment, they are not premium mounts.
  8. Rohana

    Re-Work Map and Exp

    I don't like the idea of maps that mandatorily players with low level need to go to complete some quest (elders, crafting masteries, and main quest) have this level scale. On the other hand, I am in favor of transforming maps that have currently lost their initial objectives (because they were...
  9. Rohana

    Loteria para a Montaria de Sugarsweet - Dia dos Namorados!

    O Dia dos Namorados se aproxima! O amor e o romance estão no ar, e o mesmo se passa com as Mantas Rays voadoras! Em nossa próxima build, Sugarsweet, a luxuosa terra do doce perigoso chegará com algumas novas e espetaculares montarias! Por isso pensamos em começar com uma loteria especial com...
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    List old items currently unavailable here!

    I have no idea where this item can be obtained
  11. Rohana

    List old items currently unavailable here!

    Wobbles Remedy, Medallion Extrating Potion. All the vims outfits, all the items rewards from Previews raids.
  12. Rohana

    The Housing NPC Naming Contest

    Rohana - Us1 Mary the Builder John Reforms and Constructions Paul Furniture and Decorations
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    WINNERS/GIFTS of the 12 Days of Christmas Event 2022!

    Congratulations to all the winners! Wonderful participations!
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    Secret Santa

    Thank you so much for my Secret Santa, I will have so much fun with my gifts!
  15. Rohana

    Sanity salt

    Legend has it that if you form a group with someone who is also doing the quest, it helps with the drop. I, as I am unlucky, I kill these mobs as I find on the way when I am doing the daily quests. It takes time, but you can do it. Another legend says that the gulls from the initial islands give...
  16. Rohana

    WINNERS of the Holiday Mount Lottery!

    Congrats to all the winners!
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    Stuck Players Bug

    I am glad you have identified the problem and are working on solving it, thank you.
  18. Rohana

    Compensation Gifts for Recent Game Issues

    Thank you very much!!
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    Our New Chinese Moderator for US2!

    Welcome Notes!
  20. Rohana

    Blighted recipes

    hi you need to have reached level 95, I don't remember if in cooking, etc. or in combat, and then go to the npcs with the recipes and the char with the specialization.