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  1. Jolon

    House Item Wish List - What do our Players Want in their Homes?

    • A variety of vases, plant pots, hanging plant baskets. Bonus if each biome in the world offers up the chance to find seeds that are part of crafting/growing plant types. So Blight Isles could offer up distinct Shadenor and Scarlet varietals, Coile provides Spriggan foliage, Maiden provides...
  2. Jolon

    Patch Notes Servers Down Monday, Feb 6th for Small Patch

    The blood pools being invisible or killing you before they show up on the screen (so you see them just as the death mobile black screen takes over) has been a problem for a while. It is the single most frustrating thing for me in any raid.
  3. Jolon

    Sugarsweet Mount Lottery!

    Candy Manta Ray? Or Bacon Manta Ray? 🤪
  4. Jolon

    Christmas Bash 2.0 (Reworking Bash into something Fun)

    2022 Review: since bash was part of winter 2021-2022 and current winter, it gets two mentions of being an interesting addition but a terrible event zone inclusion. I feel like it needs to be its own thing that has no bearing on Grinchta’s Lair currency collection - I am rather disgusted by the...
  5. Jolon

    Patch Notes Servers Down Wednesday, Jan 11th for Small Patch

    Considering that most cognizant DPS toons availing themselves of DoT will brutal force trinket a trio of feats - it will benefit us to pay attention to these effects on dps charts, success in raid tiers that have already been completed, and any rift and bash runs. These are the higher pressure...
  6. Jolon

    WINNERS/GIFTS of the 12 Days of Christmas Event 2022!

    Congrats all you clever peoples! Let the Realms rain with presents!
  7. Jolon

    Patch Notes Servers Briefly Down for Grinchta Patch - Wednesday, Dec 14th!

    Thank you for listening to our concerns - I know they are frequent, numerous, and often vociferous! Besides the phenomenal game y’all have made, this is a huge reason I support Villagers & Heroes. 🥰🦦
  8. Jolon

    Patch Notes Servers Briefly Down for Grinchta Patch - Wednesday, Dec 14th!

    Uhhhh…Lilith got demoted 😱😰😭😭😭😭😭😭 My #LilithStan t-shirts will never sell now that she is just a banshee! Say it ain’t so Otters!
  9. Jolon

    Bingo Contest!

    Poem #3 from US3 for B5
  10. Jolon

    “Preparing Zone” Alas poor bard you are stuck in the void.

    Bug report submitted, follow up info: Getting this message on 3/5 toons, all whom I believe are in their villages. Other toons - one can successfully log in to village, and another to Ardent. Able to log stuck toons into raids directly from main screen, but cannot exit raid or it will get stuck...
  11. Jolon

    Gather Nodes in Traven

    Having the Thriving Isles safe gather zones is lovely, however whenever I have a toon who gets to Traven, I find myself wishing for gather nodes in the regular zones. I long for the thrill of discovering a plentiful node in need of propitiating to the Spirits of Plenty, and it helps provide...
  12. Jolon

    New class summoner

    Bardic support! The flautist - dps focused note slinger to make leveling a bit easier The lyrist - heals and defensive feats including a feat to prevent next negative effect, be it stun or root or chilled blood etc The luthier - feats to dissuade and distract and a special new ability to charm a...
  13. Jolon

    Compensation for All Players

    Big hugs to our Otter friends!
  14. Jolon

    COG Crates & Coins

    A lazy gatherer who hoarded COG coins and crates in piles, Woke up one day to a vault stacked for miles. Try as he might, whichever way he did walk, He slammed into a box of worms, oil, nectar, and grindstone stock. He got a bright big red bump on his noggin, Every time he entered his vault at...
  15. Jolon

    Vote for the new Twilight Vale outfits here!

    Howdy! So cool to hear from one of the people working on the upcoming housing feature! The coffin looks amazing and so tied to V&H lore! These outfits are rad, and like so many, I’ll be fervently hoping time allows multiple (or all!) to make their way into the game. Thank you for letting us play...
  16. Jolon

    Red Doubloon

    Gotta say that the recent addition of Darrig items to the raid vendor left me with mixed feelings. On one hand cool for more people to be able to get some fun mounts and we were in dire need of added items available for ducats. However, I had just purchased the white wolf using doubloons, the...
  17. Jolon

    Please fix these relic attacks!

    Having just gotten the gift of life relic feat, and hearing that this sole relic feat might be the reasoning behind making relic cooldowns unaffected by expertise, feat cd reductions, drams, etc, (if this is indeed the reason and is not just hearsay), then my response would be to take this relic...
  18. Jolon

    Patch Notes Servers Down Monday, March 28th, for Season 4 of Raids! NETHERWORLD

    Patch notes talked about offering feedback about the camera shake - when running 15 person raids the camera shake is so terrible and frequent that it gives me a headache. My main toon does not have any ground-shaking spells, so I don’t notice this running around solo, but in a group it is awful...
  19. Jolon

    Talent Respec Costs

    I’ve seen the suggestion before for talent slots like we have wardrobe slots - would be an easy way to swap talents back and forth. Maybe one or two slots free, next slot earnable via a quest of knowledge, and subsequent slots for purchase with crowns?