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  1. PlatinumPlatypus

    The New Map

    That's awesome! :)
  2. PlatinumPlatypus

    Forum upgrade

    It's still there on my tablet. Maybe it's a sizing issue with smaller screens?
  3. PlatinumPlatypus

    lightning warrior tips You might find this helpful.
  4. PlatinumPlatypus

    What is on the top of the party cake hat?

    I'm gonna go with Glazed Cherry, and the mottled looking bits are light glare :)
  5. PlatinumPlatypus

    Keppel cavern portals Hope this is the info you needed.
  6. PlatinumPlatypus

    Ticket out of Pyrron?

    Once you finish all the Pyrron quests and kill the 75 Elders, you can get the Key to the North, which will unlock sure to grab the pad. If it's just the dungeon type areas you are tired of don't worry, the Main quest will eventually take you out of them. Rye only opens at level 78...
  7. PlatinumPlatypus

    Unable to log in

    Quite a few people. You aren't alone.
  8. PlatinumPlatypus

    New fissure

    I might be mistaken, but I think they are asking for unique weapon gnogs/skins as rewards for doing Rift runs.
  9. PlatinumPlatypus

    Breaking down fleece, pelts,

    I remember one of the Twitches back before Diet left he said he would look into it. It's apparently one of those QoL issues that slipped through the cracks.
  10. PlatinumPlatypus

    What are you currently reading?

    Just picked up the latest J.D. Robb book this morning, so I'll be reading that today or tomorrow ;)
  11. PlatinumPlatypus

    a small achievement

    Congrats! 🎊 🎉
  12. PlatinumPlatypus

    Where's this game headed?

    One possibility that might work would be making the "Challenging " content separate from regular EZ content. I realize this might make more work for the Otters, but it could address both playstyles. Rework the regular EZs as previously suggested, and have an Empowered version of the Ladder with...
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    WINNERS of the Sugarsweet Mount Lottery!

    Congrats to all the winners!🎉🎊
  14. PlatinumPlatypus

    Which zones do you only do once or avoid?

    I don't really have a problem with Shiverspine for the most part. Just the few bosses on the hills above those 2 spider bounties. I've run Shiverspine bounties multiple times over the years, and every single time I end up spending 20-30 minutes circling those stupid hills trying to reach the...
  15. PlatinumPlatypus

    Which zones do you only do once or avoid?

    The only zones I actively dislike are : The Drom; Gargoyle Creation Caves; and Crystal Spire. I don't mind Fungal. I would like it if the bounties were updated so they stood out more. Right now they blend in so well I sometimes run right past them. Most zones are a single pass for me, unless I...
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    Best hunter build in your opinion,0,0,0,0,0,0,20,0,0,5,5,10,20,30,40 My Nature Hunter.
  17. PlatinumPlatypus

    Elder Bane

    I would love a rework of the Elder Guard rune. I don't see the point of it for anyone right now. Perhaps if it was made so it reduced damage from all Elders, including purple Raid bosses it might find a use. Reducing damage from Isrettas aoes, and Zells blasts might make it worth considering.
  18. PlatinumPlatypus

    Ardent Society Chests 1 year

    I would definitely like the idea of exchanging AS items for some kind of AS item tokens. I really want a full set of AS mounts on my main, and I'm slowly going nuts trying to complete my Fireworks setso_O
  19. PlatinumPlatypus

    Blight motes and the ability to get jackpots( any blight mote drop with over 30 motes)

    The problem I see with that is the range of the Crystal. The reason Crafting parties are usually held in Marigold is because all the crafting stations are in range of the Crystal. It does not cover an entire zone. So you would need to find several motes close together to test it.
  20. PlatinumPlatypus

    Looking for utility website