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  1. Zazie

    Keppel cavern portals

    The basic thing to remember in Keppel is that there are two different kind of arches. Arches with an orange light in them indicate that a bounty is nearby. The arches with a green light will teleport you to a different location within the zone. When you're running bounties in the zone, you...
  2. Zazie

    More Variety & Impactful Status Effects

    Interesting… :unsure:
  3. Zazie

    Shadow Priests working as intended?

    Just to play Devil’s Advocate about one point: Why is it absurd that a shadow priest might want (or need) to place 15 talent points into Well Read to help with their mana management?? Utilizing a class’ mana-related talent point ultimate can be a major factor in how to avoid chugging potions...
  4. Zazie

    Patch Notes Servers Down Thursday, March 16th for Mana Build

    In all the years since that was added to the game, I only know of one holy priest who has ever used it! It was Alexa Phoenix, and it was in Vale, at Prisma. She got that Ultimate out of morbid curiosity —Used it just once, and immediately reset her talents!!! :ROFLMAO:
  5. Zazie

    Sugarsweet Departure

  6. Zazie

    Patch Notes Servers Down Thursday, March 16th for Mana Build

    Switch to shadow instead?? Many years ago, I was hybrid (before Starfall). I stopped running that toon because I found that I hated being a healer about 2-3 years after creating that toon. After Starfall hit, I switched over to the dark side and actually started playing the toon again AND I...
  7. Zazie

    Lvl95 toons

    I have two level 95 toons: Shiny and Zazie. Those two toons are the ones most likely to run raids and event zones. Most event zones, I usually run two of my five toons through per season. Which ones I run depends on what cosmetics I want to earn, and on which toon. Unlike you though, I do...
  8. Zazie

    Patch Notes Advance Patch Notes - The Mana Build!

    I stand by the premise that we cannot prejudge this patch after we’ve only read the patch notes and have not experienced the changes for ourselves. There is something positive to be said about remaining open-minded when change is afoot. In the example above, what if there is something hidden...
  9. Zazie

    Fan Friday Fan Friday Feb 24 - March 3

    Great job, everyone! And “Day 43” is awesome!! Loved it! :D
  10. Zazie

    Most and least populous class/subclass across servers

    There are still quite a few fury warriors on US1 -- I think that the majority of them were originally lightning warriors, but they switched subclasses a year or two ago when warriors had some balancing changes. On US1, it's definitely the ice wizzies and marksman hunters who are the rare...
  11. Zazie

    Sorting Village Vaults

    While this would be a nice feature to have, I don't feel that this should be implemented until after mobile players also have the ability to view the community vault log. Any village mayor who can only play on mobile has to blindly trust anyone living in their village, which is a bit...
  12. Zazie

    Fluffy Cotton Candy stack size

    Yes, please!!
  13. Zazie

    Ray Poll

    That's the one ray mount I'm absolutely drooling over! The other 3 are all just fine, but I don't like them enough to spend the time involved in earning them. There are other outfits and new weapon appearances that I would much rather have. However, if that beautiful ray mount were available...
  14. Zazie

    Should EZs have a fixed end date?

    What would happen if there were a compromise? What if the target/tentative end date of each event zone was more clearly communicated from its launch date? (Perhaps the date could be stated in the red detail text of items due to expire when the ez leaves). Perhaps the issue isn’t so much the...
  15. Zazie

    List old items currently unavailable here!

    I remember that! I think it was an unbinding stone, or something like that. You could only use it on soulbound gear, but it was handy if you wanted to give a piece of equipped gear to another player. It was definitely pre-Starfall. I'm guessing it was removed around 2017/8 or so??
  16. Zazie

    Fan Friday Fan Friday Dec 30 - Jan 6

    Well done, everyone!
  17. Zazie

    Christmas Boxers (undies)

    We have green undies for Saint Patrick's Day and red heart ones for Sugarsweet. Why not candy cane, red and green striped, or wintery blue and white ones for Grinchta, too? :D
  18. Zazie

    Something's up with the downgrade mechanism

    I experienced this bug about 3-4 days ago. I did submit a bug report about it! :D (Yay, me!) I was donating large quantities of ham to village projects (I completely filled the level 1 ham and might have filled the level 15 ham too) and was downgrading it while I had the village project...
  19. Zazie

    Secret Santa Gift Exchange 2022!

    This isn't an official answer (since I'm not involved with the running of this event): Don't forget that you can also buy single, fully-tradeable, red darrig keys from the Cirque du Red Darrig zone, off of Ardent City as well as from the item shop! So long as the key is purchased from the...
  20. Zazie

    Holiday Mount Lottery!

    Question: Will the mount be accountbound, or do we have to decide which one of our lucky toons will receive the mount before we register? (I absolutely LOVE this mount!! If I have to choose in advance, that will delay my registration considerably! I might have to resort to playing...