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  1. Jalandra

    Low memory and changing my resolution????

    I've had this problem as long as I remember on both Steam and Direct Client on PC. I happens when you have been playing for a long time and have done a lot of zoning. However, it happens much quicker if you regularly use an intra zone teleporter and this often causes the game to crash without a...
  2. Jalandra

    Raids, Lag and Other Issues

    Since the arrival of the Grinchta event the number of issues has increased significantly with much of this looking like it may be due to increased server response times. Here is what I've experienced so far. I've had to stop doing raids as I no longer see any warnings (such as Nicodemus ground...
  3. Jalandra

    Plentifull mechanics suggestion

    I've posted about plentifuls previously. There is nothing wrong with the current semi-random cycle we currently have and the occasional check for the ones you need will usually yield at least 1 plentiful node - the exception being Thriving Isles where it is now nearly impossible to find a...
  4. Jalandra

    Server connection timeout

    This is still happening. I was fighting Ravelle in flood cloister when interface and all cooldowns froze. I could move around but that was all. As usual a few seconds later I got booted but could log back on immediately but as I was doing a solo raid it had ended. It has, again, been bug reported.
  5. Jalandra

    A quick review of “hard” content

    The answer is simple but the solution may never appear. For those few (and perhaps increasing) players that want very challenging content then the devs could create an instanced solo task zone (something akin to raids) where a player is given a fixed task to do. If they complete it successfully...
  6. Jalandra

    Official Stat Formula

    Thank you!
  7. Jalandra

    What are you watching right now?

    Just finished watching A Korean Odyssey for the 5th time! It's so funny.
  8. Jalandra

    Memory charm after RB

    Orisu you can pull to you from outside the shield if you agro one of the skeletons near him with a ranged attack. You can then kill him through the shield. Nanny Bonegrinder - People have said you can drop down to her from the lagoon. I've tried several times resulting only in death! Another...
  9. Jalandra

    Raids Season 5!!!

    I'm all for deferring any new content or bringing back raids or having another event until the lag issue is sorted. Since the devs started trying to improve it, it has got a lot worse. It is now worse than it was before any fixes were tried!
  10. Jalandra

    Official Stat Formula

    I've heard this before and have several chars above 20%. If it works the same way as armour does then it should not display more than the 20% maximum.
  11. Jalandra

    Official Stat Formula

    Is this formula still valid or has there been a change?
  12. Jalandra

    How many shared trunks can you buy? How many shared trunks come only with Ardent Society?

    I have to do that as a necessity as I have 1 row in each vault for 1 item holding 8 stacks of that item. This takes up to 13 vaults on one character. I organise it by their speciality so, for example, my cook will hold all the cooking mats...oily fish, oil, meaty fish, garden produce, fruit...
  13. Jalandra

    Server connection timeout

    I've had this a few times since the server reboot a couple of weeks ago. The interface freezes and no buttons can be pressed. Even those in cooldown freeze with the display showing cooldown has stopped at the point it happened. Also, if I send chat when this happens the chat doesn't display to...
  14. Jalandra

    How many shared trunks can you buy? How many shared trunks come only with Ardent Society?

    It certainly beats mailing items between characters with the daily limit. 5 of mine are almost permanently full with account bound and unbound items that can be used by each of my characters + consumables for top ups. The 6th I use for moving items between characters like gathered items, drops...
  15. Jalandra

    Looking for a nice and active guild on EU1

    I helped Moonsta with his 20 elders earlier today. A pleasant, polite player that has the potential to be valuable to any guild.
  16. Jalandra

    Multi-National Guilds and the language barrier

    Every translator I've seen is better than Google or the one used by Instagram! After having tested a few the best I found is Microsoft Translator. It's free for both PC and Mobile and was used for the above translation. Perhaps I should have qualified my original post. I am almost exclusively a...
  17. Jalandra

    Multi-National Guilds and the language barrier

    Using my favourite translator this translates as "In global multiplayer games, the chat usually has the option to translate into your native language, or in which you have configured the game, each phrase that any player publishes in any language with a single click on the translation icon, fast...
  18. Jalandra

    Multi-National Guilds and the language barrier

    Like many guilds I know mine has members from a range of nationalities. While English is the common language on EU1 we have several non-English guild members who speak almost no English. I do sympathise for some of them as they must feel alienated playing a game they like but find it difficult...
  19. Jalandra

    Blight motes and the ability to get jackpots( any blight mote drop with over 30 motes)

    I never use Elixir of Luck which is probably why I have 85 sat in the shared vault.