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  1. Raid Poll

    Definitely the rewards for me. I play to relax, not to be challenged (otherwise known as frustration for me, personally). I will skip an entire season if the rewards aren't something I like, and in most cases I skip the season even when I do like them, depending on my tolerance for the...
  2. The VH Collaborative Story Contest!

    Others in town had seen the flowers and wondered why she hadn't donated the flowers for the towns annual donation charity event and glared at her for her selfishness, tho they didn't realize they were a gift.
  3. (12 Days X-mas) VH Ornament Contest!

    I have a very elusive Scarlet Xinzen Carp, stuffed and ornamentified for my holiday viewing pleasure! ----- I also have created a new exclusive Potion Masters Stash, complete with Minor Mana Potions, Drams of Mastery of varying levels, Dram of Clarity, and a Dram of Haste. Quantities are limited!!!
  4. (12 Days X-mas) VH Stocking Stuffer Contest!

    Crystalllll of EU1 This is my ever so faithful Thorncrest Gouger Companion. I won her from a darrig chest and she's been by my side ever since! After a hard day of bounty hunting, she likes to relax... on a very warm keyboard, lol
  5. Should the toy menu automatically close or stay open until clicked?

    I like the idea of a tick box type of option like we have for so many other things.. but even tho i dont use toys a lot.. me having to close the window once in a while when i choose to use them vs the people who use them often having to click over and over again.. i think that that is the better...
  6. Grinchta Event and hops

    Why not just change the reactivation time by 15 minutes or so... that should give enough time in most cases.. can't fix all of them and can't grab every hop.. but this would probably help..
  7. Patch Notes Servers Down Thursday, Sept 16th for Small Patch

    I hope this is a bad joke and not a serious response.
  8. Raid Season 3 Feedback

    Well, no.. I could achieve the others if I could be bothered to grind through it. But as I stated in my previous post, I dont want to live in the raids and believe that it is nice for people to be able to do both raids and the rest of the game. This content is meant to be for everyone, level...
  9. Raid Season 3 Feedback

    exactly this. these things have never been THIS game. That is why THIS game is different and that is why so many people have stuck with this game for so long and have been such loyal players.. because it is not like other games.. if this game will be turning into that.. i'd like to know in...
  10. Raid Season 3 Feedback

    I am not going to do a point by point because who really wants to take the time to read that.... but I'd ask that before considering any major changes, consider that not everyone wants to live in the raids and still want to play other aspects of the game, while others are happy to grind away...
  11. Vale Changes Feedback

    Having just completed the ladder - the poor little toons that are having to use up resurrects just to stay in the ladder at their current 'difficulty'... Imagining how many more they may have to use if the fights are prolonged. Pretty sad to exclude them like that. I hope this change is...
  12. Vale Changes Feedback

    This doesn't make it more difficult, it makes the fights last longer. That is not difficulty. Just make it more boring, faster. Probably wouldn't even be willing to pop in to help with the ladder when these changes are made, it takes long enough when I already have multiple zones to grind...