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  1. GoGoGadget

    Shadow Priests working as intended?

    Shadow priest are still topping damage charts even with 40% detonation. I guess people want to top them by miles. Imo the detonations should go away totally and shadow should be about DoT damage and not burst damage. Enhance the dark accelerant to scale with shadow power so there would be like...
  2. GoGoGadget

    What I want in my house

    Also I would love to see some common projects for the village aswell with the Housing patch. Tavern, Crafters guild house etc that you could build as community and they would give some small boosts to corresponding specialty. Like tavern could give more luck (gardening, gathering, loot finding...
  3. GoGoGadget

    What I want in my house

    Crafting stations
  4. GoGoGadget

    Patch Notes Advance Patch Notes - The Mana Build!

    I whole heartedly agree with this post. Stop being cry babies. I feel very bad for V for all the effort he made to get this patch well in order and there was ALOT changes made from the starting point. Think for yourself if all your work would be always underminded by people who actually dont...
  5. GoGoGadget

    merge ingame money

    Well its not that hard to share the gold by mailing each character what is needed if one of the characters is richer than others.
  6. GoGoGadget

    EZ death

    Isnt the goal in games to overcome hard situations? Can you have more healing to compensate? Can you team up with a shaman/priest to get them to heal you? Can you increase your defense values?
  7. GoGoGadget

    Patch Notes Servers Down Monday, Feb 6th for Small Patch

    Yes that is how it works. And other great part especially for wizards is that mind spark works on the cooldown so you are fast for very long periods :D
  8. GoGoGadget

    Raids Season 5!!!

    Make heroics same as other tiers. Every 5 runs of heroics tier you get a extra reward. Run 5x heroic 1s and you open heroic 2 and so on. That would keep it interesting and atleast if each time you get a legendary piece of gear or at minimum legendary relic it makes it worth the effort.
  9. GoGoGadget


    On that basis we should remove alot of things in the game as "pay to win". Imo if the starting point would be that unlocking them in itemshop required one toon on your account to achieve the keys, that would be just fine with me. It only wins you time and either we can provide players options...
  10. GoGoGadget


    Define where is the win in that? Win for devs for making cash, but player wont win anything as there is nothing to win only theyre personal time.
  11. GoGoGadget

    What keeps YOU buried in the Catacomb?

    There is nothing that would not allow wizard to do well in also catacombs. Main problem is how the groups work there and you cant really rely on group control skills as 90% of mobs are ranged and even they hit like trucks. In other raids groups consist ranged and mele more evenly or the groups...
  12. GoGoGadget

    What keeps YOU buried in the Catacomb?

    Catacombs is out of proportions hard raid. I can do all the others with my fire wizard up to heroic one without too much hickups. Gold catacomb is allready a death trap.
  13. GoGoGadget

    Healing and healing criticals?

    Not sure the game determines the heal. Propably after the cast somehow. I would propose changing it so that after casting it would determine either yes or no. If yes it would then attach the heal to one of the active fire skills and would show small heal icon on top of that skill so player would...
  14. GoGoGadget

    Healing and healing criticals?

    Been running my Fire Wizard thru raids. Fire wizard is the only sub class that has rng based healing. In itself its not that bad as when it trickers its +120-150k per heal at lvl 95 for me at raids. But how it works creates massive problem. There is no control over when it heals and most of my...
  15. GoGoGadget

    Elder Level

    if there would be a elder xp gained from crafting and gathering it would need to go towards its own elder lvls. Gathering and crafting brings xp so much faster and without that much effort that its quite unreasoanable to stack them to same elder lvls.
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    Current Contest The Housing NPC Naming Contest

    Server: EU1 Haus Suburbia Liv Maxwell Bill Norent Buddy Forlife Finda Perfect Von Housen Grinda House
  17. GoGoGadget

    Combat level cap raise!

    Its been a LONG time since anything has happened level cap wise. Could we please get just 1 lvl raise to combat cap so atleast there would be something fun to do as reaching that new cap and then could grind raids for new gear? I dont need new recipies or any of that stuff if its too much work...
  18. GoGoGadget

    Fair stun durations!!!

    Just give us stun resistance build up. So if we get constantly stunned we become immune to stuns for certain time period and if no stuns during that time occur it resets and then you can be stunned again.
  19. GoGoGadget

    New itemshop item suggestions

    These have been suggested many many many times before but here I go again. All of these increase convenience and makes the game more fun to play. 1. Planter tool to plant 25 crops in one click. Prize 150 crowns. 2. Gathering tool for gardening to pick up 25 plants in one click. Prize 150...