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  1. PureHeurt

    Exp Option & Crafting RNG

    These seem to be excellent ideas!
  2. PureHeurt

    Patch 4.53 - Sugarsweet Summit

    What is the ETA for the servers coming back?
  3. PureHeurt

    Gathering bans.

    As I turn 67 next month, anything small, especially check boxes, are not fun.
  4. PureHeurt

    Gathering bans.

    My suggestion: When a node goes empty or is empty, something like “node empty” shows on the main screen is big, bright letters. It is visible to the gather and anyone who looks at the node. When a node goes empty while you are gathering, hits on the node that goes empty on someone do not count...
  5. PureHeurt

    General troubleshooting checklist

    Thank you. Never heard of bootcamp, but I survived one in 1972!
  6. PureHeurt

    General troubleshooting checklist

    A few months ago, a new update to this game was installed on my PC, and the PC would not start up. The couple of updates before that one required me to delete the game and then install from scratch. I did this the time the machine failed to start up after the install. I am not a PC expert...
  7. PureHeurt

    General troubleshooting checklist

    Is it possible to run this game on a MacBook Pro? If yes, how do I install it as the App Store does not display the normal download symbol when I go there on my MacBook Pro?
  8. PureHeurt

    Improve Ranching on PC

    Request the Ranching interface for feeding the animals on PCs be replaced by the one on mobile. This would greatly reduce the movement required to continuously returning what you just feed, picking up what is next, and moving back to the animal. This is hard not only on our pointing device...
  9. PureHeurt

    Bugs & Technicals Issues Please Help

    When I try to enter in a character to play on my desktop, it says my village, Breachtown on USA3 server is not active and try later. I have been trying for 20 minutes and will miss my chance to get today's calendar item.