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  1. Sigfrido

    Bountiful Blight Motes

    This is the solution :) For now the maximum is 12% bonus loot
  2. Sigfrido

    Zoning and Logging Issues - The ‘Getting Stuck’ Problem

    With my main character (Sighfrid) I got stuck in Shanedor, after completing the boss-run in EZ, but after half an hour I was able to enter normally. Fared worse for a guildmate of mine who has his entire account locked in Siren's Course. He is called Uther Lightbringer-EU1. :ROFLMAO:
  3. Sigfrido

    Fan Friday Fan Friday March 25 - April 1

    Congratulations to all the winners! Congratulations also to the artist who made the artwork near Mallok's Tomb at the end of the Raid :p
  4. Sigfrido

    Soloing the 95 elders

    Good job! With my Fury warrior I killed Baldok and Lennox while for Hox and Jacinda I have to change tactics. You made me want to test myself again.
  5. Sigfrido

    Servers Down Monday, Feb 14th for Sugarsweet Patch!

    I love the treasure hunt!! :love:
  6. Sigfrido

    What is the point of dragons mounts?

    Mallok's Wind be praised !! it is very useful for going from one plenty to the next :cool:
  7. Sigfrido

    Fan Friday Fan Friday Jan 28 - Feb 4

    Ohh! I'm so happy to see many participants from the EU servers šŸ˜ƒ Congratulations to all!!
  8. Sigfrido

    A New Addition to Our Otter Team

  9. Sigfrido

    Fan Friday Fan Friday Jan 21 - 28

  10. Sigfrido

    Please Make the Blighted Isles Beautiful!

    What saddened me playing the 90+ zones is to discover that the islands were civilized but there is no trace of cities, collapsed buildings (perhaps with the possibility of entering them), ancient foundations or statues. Except Shanedor, all the other islands are flat and barren. I mean, they...
  11. Sigfrido

    Fan Friday Fan Friday Sept 10 - 17

    Great! Thank you very much!:D Congratulations to all participants!!
  12. Sigfrido

    please make consumables timer run only while characters are online

    As for cooking consumables, you can create as many as you want as long if you have the materials. For all rare or item shop consumables I would love to have this facilitation. Finally I could use those hundreds of 24 hour potions / turkeys that I have accumulated and complete the Boss runs for...
  13. Sigfrido

    please make consumables timer run only while characters are online

    If I'm not mistaken these consumables can be easily mass produced. Cakes excluded.
  14. Sigfrido

    Dungoneering - Bugged?

    It was the same for the last Raid. I think it's not a bug. In Session 2 I got to Heroic 27 with a 50% dungoneering cap but if I played a Bronze I got 80% if I remember correctly. I honestly don't remember why they made this decision to limit players in Heroic levels. :(
  15. Sigfrido

    Fire blast/floor damage on Empowered Anosia

    Implementing the Red Prince's Blood Curse ability (Attackers take 30% of the damage they deal) to some boss would be fun ... maybe Umbra XD
  16. Sigfrido

    Village under Siege (Weekly/ Monthly mini event)

    Wow ... no pure villagers commented like "no more additions to the fighters, the so-called Heroes, we want to be peaceful in our villages! We don't want war at home! Peace and love ... we prefer to be invaded by climbing plants and eliminating them increases the plantlore level" :ROFLMAO...
  17. Sigfrido

    Mana Changes Proposal 2.0

    My fury warrior lost 60k HP XD I laugh to mask the sadness XD
  18. Sigfrido

    A Singing Guide for Warrior

    Very interesting! You are very brave doing Bellamere Palace solo with all that Poise. (y)
  19. Sigfrido

    Mana Changes Proposal

    How much do you bet that if this change passes we will find in the auction house 100 Lv3 potions at 500 gold XD
  20. Sigfrido

    Patch Notes Servers Down Tuesday, March 16th for Small Fix-it Patch 4.57.2

    Doesn't being in the top three in the Raid rankings bring any benefits?