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  1. Patch Notes Servers Down Monday, Feb 6th for Small Patch

    Still no fix for the NPC's in Blight Bay to show the daily quest icons over their heads? Still have to just guess or talk to them all daily to see if any new ones are open?
  2. Song Title Game 4th Edition

  3. Songs We Love

  4. Mob invulnerability.

    I like when the bounty runs up so close to you he's standing on top of you and goes into aegis. Why is that even possible? I'm the one standing still and the bounty is the one moving.
  5. Keys

    I don't like this idea at all. Every toon should have to run the zones and farm for keys. The same amount of work should have to go into each and every toon.
  6. Slow Loading Screen/Frozen Loading

    Mines okay now, it was just during that one period of time. Thanks though.
  7. Current Contest The Housing NPC Naming Contest

    Dee Zine Interior Decorator
  8. Slow Loading Screen/Frozen Loading

    Mine did the same, finally gave up after rebooting about five times. Came back a couple hours later and it was fine. It was about halfway accross the progress bar that says logging in. This was after I closed the game due to it stuck while changing toons.
  9. Void Craft Event - First Edition

    While I myself will be unable to attend, I do thank you and commend you all for trying to get more togetherness happening on this server. I hope it's a great success encouraging you to do more in the future.
  10. Arena Suggestion

    I've said in the past the Blackfury Gorge would be a perfect location for wave after wave of bosses attacking you. Fight for as long as you can stay alive.
  11. WINNERS/GIFTS of the 12 Days of Christmas Event 2022!

    Thank you very much for the gifts. And thank you to everyone that gives up their own time to help make this possible.
  12. garden watering system and auto harvester

    I'm all in for anything to better the gardening part of the game. I've wanted auto for years. So far just the water all at once has been added.
  13. Secret Santa

    A big thanks to my Secret Santa. Your gift was very generous and very appreciated. Thank you very much. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Dis
  14. Raids, Lag and Other Issues

    The cog vendor thing has been happening to me also, but not every time. Sometimes to just one out of four toons. This was happening before Grinchta but after Raids.
  15. Something's up with the downgrade mechanism

    I actually had this happen just this morning with some fleece.
  16. Old players missing toys

    I took a very long break and it's fine if I missed out on anything. I shouldn't get it if I wasn't here.
  17. Secret Santa Gift Exchange 2022!

    I'm guessing as long as it doesn't go over 50 crowns total.
  18. Looking for feedback about this game from players who play this game...asking for some friends lol

    My advice would be for a few of you to all join up and try it out. You can take advice and opinions but still find out it isn't for you or your group. Join the game, run around, ask some questions in game. Most here enjoy helping out where and when they can in game.
  19. Standing Desk Suggestion required.

    Congratulations to you both.
  20. A quick review of “hard” content

    How about if they turned Blackfury Gorge into some sort of hell on earth? I don't think the zone gets used much and it would make a zone where waves and waves of mobs just continuosly attack you. Survive or die, your choice. It could be made for only the players that don't want the easier...