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  1. Stella StormSong

    List old items currently unavailable here!

    The Witches Enchanted Broom toy (not sure if that is the correct name). Ages ago it was an effect attached to an outfit; it was changed to a toy later on. It makes a circle of brooms dance around the player. I think it may be an ultra rare Darrig drop now, not certain.
  2. Stella StormSong

    Current Contest The Housing NPC Naming Contest

    Am I the only one old enough to remember This Old House on public television?? Lets name the NPC Bobby Villa in honor of Bob Vila :P Cant wait to see Ye Olde House! ~Stella StormSong US2
  3. Stella StormSong

    Our New Chinese Moderator for US2!

    Welcome to the ModSquad Notes :D
  4. Stella StormSong

    What zones are in the most need of a visual overhaul?

    Yes, the terrain and sky in the 2 Blood Isles is so similar its difficult and hurts my eyes. The 2 Shade Isles are similar, while they dont cause me eye strain like the red ones do, the terrain and sky are so close in hue its makes navigation hard.
  5. Stella StormSong

    Our New US1 Moderator/ Nuestro moderador en US1

    Welcome to the MOD team Freya! Thank you so much for joining us <3 ¡Bienvenido al equipo de MOD Freya! Muchas gracias por acompañarnos <3
  6. Stella StormSong

    Vote for the new Twilight Vale outfits here!

    Loving the Egyptian/Babylonian Atlantis-like feel! Amazing work! Can we have em all??? As a player whose toons are all named for Goddesses, I truly love your style <3
  7. Stella StormSong

    Purple outfit of the shattering

    One of the sets of Faun horns has some lavender striping, but those horns go out to the sides a bit more
  8. Stella StormSong

    A New Addition to Our Otter Team

    We will miss you on the MOD team V, but I think I speak for all the MODs when I say that it was a pleasure modding with you :D Mad Otter could not have chosen anyone more knowledgeable or devoted to join their dev team! :D
  9. Stella StormSong

    (12 Days X-mas) VH Christmas Carols Contest!

    Leo, Augustus and Argus, as We 3 King We 3 Kings of V&H are bearing gifts, we Tele'ed afar field and fountain, Maiden Mountain following yonder Star (fall). Born a Priest on Halycon shore Gold I bring to Crown him once more Heals forever ceasing never! O'er us all Restore. Embroideries to...
  10. Stella StormSong

    New Village Project - Gnome Reduction Machine

    Breaking down items is time consuming and carpal tunnel inducing! I love the idea of a way to break down fleece, pelts, eggs and ham that saves time and frustration, and I'd happily put effort into building up a village project to do it. Great idea LH!
  11. Stella StormSong

    Song Title Game 4th Edition

    Edwyn Collins - A Girl Like You
  12. Stella StormSong

    Song Title Game 4th Edition

    Green Day - Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
  13. Stella StormSong

    TeamViewer and Account Sharing

    No, the only way in which your family may end up in a snafu would be if one of the accounts were to incur a ban (which only happens for a grievous ToS breach) then the other accounts which have been logged into on that device would get caught up by the ban. You and your family should have no...
  14. Stella StormSong

    Song Title Game 4th Edition

    Tina Turner - What's Love Got to Do with It
  15. Stella StormSong

    Song Title Game 4th Edition

    10000 Maniacs - These Are The Days
  16. Stella StormSong

    Song Title Game 4th Edition

    Leonard Cohen: The Stranger Song
  17. Stella StormSong

    Winners of the NPC Name Contest

    Let em Rip!!!!
  18. Stella StormSong

    Song Title Game 4th Edition

    Juice Newton - Angel Of The Morning
  19. Stella StormSong

    Song Title Game 4th Edition

    Journey - Wheel in the Sky
  20. Stella StormSong

    The Give An NPC A Name Contest!

    Jack of Sharts Loo Anthracite and his daughter Loretta LaShat Charmin Kingsford Latrine Coalbin Honey Wagoneer Coalcodile Dungdee Methane Muldoon Crapus Kringle Poopid Cupid Tallah: The Brown Market Dealer (homage to Bugsy The BlackMarket Dealer, old npc years ago) the possibilities are endless!!