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  1. Harold1

    Elder Level

    How about this idea, where there are four areas of leveling, Hero, Gathering, Crafting and House/ranch/farm. They all follow the same format with the same xp needed, then they also go into elder levels. So It wont matter what you gather/craft/kill, it goes to that area of leveling.ect ect.
  2. Harold1

    Dev Livestreams Schedule 2022

    Many Thanks :)
  3. Harold1

    Dev Livestreams Schedule 2022

    Hi Sarah, its HaroldI, Christopher, Onuka ect on EU1. Mr Haroldwizzbang is my test wizz, and yes i think its a cool name too :)
  4. Harold1

    Mails with items can't be sent for character who sent it, after patch

    Its been stopped if items are included
  5. Harold1

    When do we get a buy-back function?

    I would prefer a `one locked bag` only to stop this
  6. Harold1

    Twilight Vale Departure

    Its normally around 19.00/ 20.00 AT when updates happen.
  7. Harold1

    Skill books miss bought problems still..

    The game still jumps from chosen skill book to next in list after first buy, you then can get stuck with books you cant use due to maxed level. Please sort this, or at least make skill books account bound, to lessen the waste of books.
  8. Harold1

    WhySoSerious - WSS (EU1)

    Guild /village spaces up for grabs in WSS. Apply now for free hugs from Xi
  9. Harold1

    Idle Animation Bug

    Is auto mount on?
  10. Harold1

    Suggestions for 2021 'Quality of Life Build'

    Build of life ideas,simple. Elder levels for gather/craft. give maxed crafters reason to stay in game. Stacked specs, put specs in pairs like combat, stupid price to get though, maybe all five/six( add new) to gain ultimate craft /gather spec. Plentie respawn rate lower/quicker, the game will...
  11. Harold1

    The Give An NPC A Name Contest!

    Betty Poop would work :D
  12. Harold1

    XP loss when crafting..

    Problem solved when I put my glasses on. Doh
  13. Harold1

    XP loss when crafting..

    I found if you have premium craft hammer which gives 30% xp boost, if you add fabrication bottle (xp boost 25%) you seem to get the lower boost. Is this correct?
  14. Harold1

    Miss bought skill books.

    Should skill books be account bound rather than soul bound, when buying groups of five books the game can change to diff skill type and your stuck with books you cant use( lvl90 limit).Anyone else had this problem?
  15. Harold1

    Gnogmenting problems.

    As an update, the stats have now changed around 45 mins after gogmenting:) I will be keeping eye open to see if this happens again.
  16. Harold1

    Gnogmenting problems.

    I am having issues when gnogmenting, when I join two items with an increased% on a rune it does not increase the power of the said rune on my bar. ie I gnogged a knife with the rune Dread Bolts, when the gnog screen is open I had the choice of two runes one with 1563 void and one with 1652 viod...
  17. Harold1

    Main Quests w/ drops still tied to Bounties

    This still happens in many quests. there are two in the sanitorium for starters.
  18. Harold1

    As membership renew

    Many thanks guys, very fast resolution :)
  19. Harold1

    As membership renew

    Many thanks.
  20. Harold1

    As membership renew

    Im not getting monthly membership showing after payment,which in itself is taking an age to process via the new method, renew date 14 of month, payment via paypal started that day , full payment taken today 15th.I paid twice last month for one month after reboot as well(I can understand that...