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  1. Allison Wonderland

    Healing and healing criticals?

    I like a clear distinction between classes Wizards: air attack Hunters: snipers Priest: MASH Warriors: in your face.. take that you evil thing... Bash * not sure Shaman ever had a clear distinction.. maybe they are the renegades.
  2. Allison Wonderland

    Elder Level

    That's funny because I I find most of the crafting much harder to level than combat. It would be fairly easy to find elder levels for village skills. Crafting faster or reduce prices on salvage kits, lower prices for crafting gear. I would like the option to have a profile that can represent...
  3. Allison Wonderland

    Fair stun durations!!!

    I don't know what I am supposed to do when I get double stunned and beat on but I hit the "give up" buttons... /die
  4. Allison Wonderland

    Suggestions for Grintcha

    Daily in Liar 5 leather straps each strap requires 4 threads each thread requires 5 gossburg cloth each cloth requires 2 fleece really? so you need 20 threads that need 5 gossburg cloth each so that would be how many cloth? Where is Math Fish when you need him? and each tread cost 5 sliver 61...
  5. Allison Wonderland

    Ardent Society Chests 1 year

    I do get multiple mounts and pets, especially the bees and skitters. I wonder if AM currency could be given instead of random gifts. The AM NPC could have a "buy" button so players could pick which items they wanted.
  6. Allison Wonderland

    WINNERS/GIFTS of the 12 Days of Christmas Event 2022!

    The 12 Days is the most amazing Otter event ever! Such a wonderful way to share the joy of Christmas. My favorite is Bingo day What a wonderful way to celebrate the season and welcome a new year in. Thanks for all the fun (and the awesome rewards)
  7. Allison Wonderland

    Problems disconnecting/freezing

    What's wrong with this picture? My computer is a well-known brand that can be purchased over the counter in most electronic departments. The system installed in the computer well exceeds the suggested requirements to run the game. I am sure there are solutions to address this common problem but...
  8. Allison Wonderland

    Low memory and changing my resolution????

    What's wrong with this picture? There were 35 in the lair. Normally the game will freeze, or I will disconnect. If I do stay connected, I cannot navigate to the next bounty quickly enough for credit and I have crown speed with a bridle. I hope new players give the game a chance and not judge the...
  9. Allison Wonderland

    WINNERS of the Holiday Mount Lottery!

    What a great way to start the Christmas season.. gifts already.. Congratulations all. Hope to see you riding around. I know "Bernie" will be super cute.
  10. Allison Wonderland

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to all. Otters are certainly showing the season's meaning. Thank you for sharing and showing how much you appreciate the players who support the game. Happy Thanksgiving to Otters and thank you for the special gifts. They are just as good as Turkey and Cranberry sauce.
  11. Allison Wonderland

    Mallok’s Menacing Nights (US3 2022 Halloween Event Schedule)

    NIce Job! Overraided They really know how to "socket" to ya Thanks for the fun
  12. Allison Wonderland

    Blighted Isles expansion

    Amen Sister
  13. Allison Wonderland

    Patch 4.85.6 - Server Only Build

    Totally agree! Am I the only one who has noticed the 2nd bounty at each main bounty in the zone has proofed? I find it very refreshing the hoard has been designed to take the place of standing in one place hitting as hard as possible a smaller bounty standing next to a big bounty. I am just...
  14. Allison Wonderland

    Patch 4.85.6 - Server Only Build

    But isn't it great the lag doesn't dc you and everyone has a better chance to run it? The players under 50 are loving it. They aren't seeing their names in red clogging chat. You only get corn for one run a day. Isn't it worth it to know you can contribute to success for everyone running it? I...
  15. Allison Wonderland

    Patch 4.85.6 - Server Only Build

    Maybe after the trial run this year we will see an added attraction.... 2.. one to play and another to survive.
  16. Allison Wonderland

    Patch 4.85.6 - Server Only Build

    I really like to concept of totem. It is a bit different from other EZ ladders.... And it is wonderful they don't make me hit first so I will travel. When you run with me you will always here either. "Hit Tweety" from the crowd or "I hit". Totem does trigger PTSD from the first year of...
  17. Allison Wonderland

    Looking for Pyramid reward outfit

    Oh I misunderstood. I thought there was an Oasis mount that dropped.
  18. Allison Wonderland

    Looking for Pyramid reward outfit

    There are mounts that drop? I didn't know that.
  19. Allison Wonderland

    Looking for Pyramid reward outfit

    I was actually hoping someone who has the actual outfit would post. But even a picture is something to look at.
  20. Allison Wonderland

    Looking for Pyramid reward outfit

    wonder if anyone has actually been rewarded the outfit. I keep thinking about the odds.. You have one chance a day to get each chest. Depending on how long the zone will be active if the odds are 1%-5% looks like that might be 3 or 4 per server.