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  1. Elijah Lin


    Hi, everyone just wanted to post something since the update patch… for some reason, I’m lagging all the time. Is this just me? Playing on iso here. Took like 30secs or more to load from account screen to my character. Normally, its just an instant 5 secs blink. 🤷🏻‍♂️ And the ez and attacking...
  2. Elijah Lin

    Outfit design contest, anyone?

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to put this out there. I was discussing with my guildmates about our in game outfits and it lead to this idea: wouldnt it be a nice idea to have the community competition on designing some outfits for the community to enjoy? Since most of play the game, wouldnt it...
  3. Elijah Lin

    Pyrron History Quest Drops (Problem, Not Dropping)

    Hi, Everyone, I just want to make a quick post about this quest drops. I, basically, solo hunt all the monsters and what not most of the yesterday evening and didnt find much of the Quest Items for Valuna. (Actually, cleared the map 3 or 4 times and had to ask for help). I am...
  4. Elijah Lin

    EZ HOP 1 and HOP 2: Conflicting Attitudes

    Hi, Everybody and Everyone, Hope you are keeping well~ (I am writing on mobile, so i will have to keep the issue short.) I want to ask, is anyone finding a problem or an issue regarding the EZ Hop 1 and Hop 2? I think in EU1, with particular people, really voiced their opinion on how HOP 2...
  5. Elijah Lin

    Pets/Companions gives buffs for Villager Task

    Atm, i know all companions and pets are just cosmetic looks. Seeing their little faces and there added glyph on the stack bar, i was thinking, wouldnt it be nice to have a companion whos with you when you’re crafting. (which atm, i am craftin and using one of those single fairy bottles and it...
  6. Elijah Lin

    Elijahiel’s Epic Gallery Corner of Suggestions

    I have almost posted all the corners of the other sections with my gallery posts, finially, with confidence, I shall, today in history, post in the game suggestion corner! xD This post will be mainly art sketches (and maybe in the future i will do a digital version- a long way off really, but...
  7. Elijah Lin

    Rename Trinkets without being SB

    This doesnt really add much to combat or sell value... but i am a little sentimental when it comes to ideas and antiques. ^^ This is more adding the idea of game in life. Recently i have been finding really cool trinkets and i wish i could rename them... relating to items from animes to...
  8. Elijah Lin

    Elijahiel’s Off-Topic Corner Gallery

    Random Idea of sketches. When i am inspired, I want to post it here. Outfit designs :) Mythical creatures. Random characters. Just about anything i feel its cool to post. An art thread for inspiration really. *w* Hopefully, whoever finds this thread, enjoy your time perusing :) hee...
  9. Elijah Lin

    In-Game Poster Board/City Stall/Fan Friday Hall of Fame/Quick add Postboard Suggestion

    Hiiiii :) I was talking to a few guild members recently, and a few ideas struck me: 1. In game Poster/forum Board - A place where you post advertisements like elder runs, CE, looking for new guild members and vice-versa, lvl bounty hunts or even gathering groups. I feel this would bring a...
  10. Elijah Lin

    Elijahiel’s Fanart Corner Gallery

    Hi, there, before i get onto my own sketches, heres a little explaination of the purpose of this thread. 1. I’ll be just exploring some of the characters in VnH that i find potentially interesting to draw on paper. (No short of quirky and weird characters there xD haha) 2. if there is a...
  11. Elijah Lin

    Bank Notes (Otter-style)

    Hi, there, My mum just handed me some new bank notes and we were talking about the material and then, I just noticed... there’s two otters on them! XD (I wonder has anyone posted this before?)
  12. Elijah Lin

    Mounts, Monsters, Costumes and more Ideas/Suggestions

    Hi, everyone, I’m not sure there’s already a thread on this one, but I’m a huge favorite on riding the mounts, unique costumes and... just drawing art! ❤ I really cannot believe I missed the Yeta one yet, I started the game before Christmas! :,( It pains me to see ppl riding one! 😆☃️ Anyway...