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  1. Helos

    Please fix Water Shaman heals....

    I know dev's have a lot on their plate but hear me out... I get people have complained about ice wiz for a while not having as much damagedamage, or this or that or whatever. But water shaman being rendered ineffective is basically unacceptable. To preface, I am earth on my shaman so it...
  2. Helos

    Gale Force ...again...

    For 15 points, the speed of the charge should at least match the 10 point talent from warrior. Not worried about cooldown, not worried about the buff it provides, but the speed at which you arrive to your target should be the same. I believe Gale for is 150% movement speed and both warrior...
  3. Helos

    Change Character Position on Login Screen

    Being able to move characters / toons up or down on the list would be a nice simple option just for conveniences sake.
  4. Helos

    Craft Re-Spec

    This should be a purchase-able option from the crown shop. The use of the item should also come with a de-buff that states you cannot craft anything on your toon for 7 days to make sure this cannot be exploited. I’ll make a vote because that’s what counts.
  5. Helos

    Auction House Sorting

    First off I only play mobile, so maybe this is only a problem for mobile but I do find it difficult to navigate the auction house. First off the "Show levels near mine" button simply does not function, it still shows all levels when selected. Secondly, there should be a button (that works)...
  6. Helos

    Gale Force... why it needs a re-vamp.

    Ok, I've posted about this before but I think I've formulated my thoughts better, as to why this ability needs an update. So, gale force was added due to Shaman having no mobility compared to Warrior as a tank. Let me first say I do really appreciate that the Dev's listened on this one...
  7. Helos

    Mount Enhancements

    I think I've mentioned this before, and obviously it would take some work, but maybe others would be interested in it too. Instead of reworking every mount like discussed in the recent livestream, maybe you could add a paid item that allowed you to add upgrades to a mount? Maybe for 100 crowns...
  8. Helos

    Off Hand Creativity.

    For quite some time there have been not a lot of shield models introduced. I think some creativity is in order. Perhaps other offhand items could be introduced as paid items? That way other things could be used instead of a shield, if people wanted to for fun. For example: Lantern Mug of...
  9. Helos

    Dragon Value.

    Recently a post was made about swim speed gauntlets, which I very much believed in, but it also got me thinking about other items in the store that are perhaps a bit de-valued by other things. The first one that came to mind, you guessed it, DRAGONS. A dragon costs a WHOPPING 540 CROWNS in the...
  10. Helos

    Should Blight Motes be Trade-able?

    This has been something I think most of us agree on, but poll’s don’t lie, so have at it.
  11. Helos

    Nameable Vault Tabs

    Dunno if this is just maybe not do-able on mobile or maybe it's already a thing on PC. But not only for bank but personal vault tabs being nameable might be cool?
  12. Helos

    Are these boots TOO POINTY?

  13. Helos

    Relics... and other raid suggestions.

    A couple suggestions for raiding: 1) Relics should be permanent. It is silly to work so hard for something just for it to vanish at a random moment. This would calm several issues. There's quite a lot of alt's in the game, so getting through all the tiers and whatnot to get all the rewards...
  14. Helos

    The ever looming idea of PVP....

    So this always gets a lot of hate, and I get that. It brings a different style player into the game and sometimes you get that guy or gal who wants to tell you how much they "OMGWTFBBQPWNED UR @$$ BRO". We all hate that person, but the community this game has is pretty strong. The fact that...
  15. Helos

    Gem Crafting / Item Gear

    It's been a while since I've posted anything. I just watched the most recent live stream and had a suggestion. Many of the current gathering / crafting professions all have two things you can gather with one too, minus one: The pick. With that being said, you could go one of two ways. Leave...
  16. Helos

    Former Season Rewards

    For those that get there late to the game. Maybe offer old season flair / mounts for ducats, especially since they last through seasons now. Thanks for your time.
  17. Helos

    Gale Force should be fixed….

    So I’ve said it before but gonna keep saying it, this should be fixed. Tests done at the same distance. Arriving late to the party and less often, Shaman gets the shaft, and for MORE talent points than warrior. I play both, both are 95. The ability needs to be the same speed and a lower...
  18. Helos

    Mount Enchantment

    I mentioned it on the QoL thread but was hoping to restate in more detail. The mount enchantments (float over water, extra speed, high jump, whatever else is come up with) should carry over across all mounts. That way people can have the benefits of their earned mounts but are free to ride...
  19. Helos

    Crafting Spec Reset

    I know this is permanent but there should be a premium item that either resets the spec or gives the option of a second spec. Not everyone ends up choosing the one they want right in every toon. Seems a bit silly to be locked in FOREVER. Nothing in games should be as final as real life...
  20. Helos

    Heroic Raids - Changes for Next Season

    To start off, I do think the difficulty level of the tiers (bronze, silver, gold, platinum) are appropriately difficult. This gives normal / moderate players a chance to earn all the rewards regarding the season, to keep the game inclusive. This is a great development by the designers and...