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  1. Pyramid of Anuk'Amon

    After so much time last year it is a bit lackluster. I think we all expected something oomph.
  2. Pyramid of Anuk'Amon

    The pyramid is awesome. However. The map showing pyramid bounties next to other bounties is confusing even to those who did it last year. Since quest requires all bounties it's unclear which are under ground and the timers makes people wait for them to appear. Any way to make ladder mobs not...
  3. Crafted Mana Potions

    With 4 damage toons I agree. Fire wizards are way more expensive then the others. And as they often pick up agro..necessary to use multiple pots to survive. Also there is a serious timing issue so that u benefit from the constant slow and minuscule as it is. I dont think having...
  4. Crystal Crack Up bugged

    Completed all Keppel cavern quests. Completd the lovers side quests. Coco will not drop the Ruby bracelet. Reset 3 times. There are no other quests to do besides bringing the ear..which can not be done until the teleport is open. Please help! I was doing quests and had just completed the joriks...
  5. Servers Down Monday, December 9th

    Ty and she is awesome. Once she realized what was up my problem was fixed. Ty for your awesome team and care. I know us players are a bit needy. It's only cuz we LOVE the game. Happy holidays to you and your team.
  6. Android Players News Update

    Ty! I can now access my account. Appreciate you looking into it for me!!
  7. Android Players News Update

    Yes I sent a bug report shortly after the android version became available.
  8. Servers Down Monday, December 9th

    Rebooted..reinstalled. no option to reset password to email. I use the same game password always.
  9. Android Players News Update

    Ugh if only had known sooner that the update wasn't working because of google then I'd never have uninstalled! This is so frustrating. My password for my forums login is the exact same as my password for game. I can login to forums. Not into game.
  10. Android Players News Update

    Yes I've reinstalled to no avail. I sent a bug reports over 18 hours ago as well so I can get a manually sent email reset?
  11. Servers Down Monday, December 9th

    I still can not log in nor reset my password. Others have had same issue.
  12. Android Players News Update

    Its telling me my login password isnt correct but will not let me send an email. When select that option there is only a no button. No way to get it to send. Login isnt incorrect either. Its same one I always use.
  13. Servers Down Monday, December 9th

    5 hours and still not working