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  1. Neia

    [Guide] Sugarsweet Summit - 2022 edition

    Welcome to Sugarsweet Summit, the pinkest of all Event Zones, where even the grass is made of candy! The previous version of this guide can be found here: [Guide] Sugarsweet Summit Table of content: Summary of the rewards Quests Weapon and Hat recipes 2nd Post: Summit Encounter Bonnie and...
  2. Neia

    [Guide] Grinchta's Lair - 2021 edition

    Ho ho ho! Grinchta is back... and apparently he isn't the only bad guy this year? Table of content: 1st message Introduction Quests Bosses The Plumkiss Hideout (New!) 2nd message - Crafting daily quests Toy Time quests Hideout crafting quests 3rd message - Rewards The Carol Songbooks The...
  3. Neia

    [Outdated Guide] Sugarsweet Summit - 2021 edition

    The land of candies, better than a chocolate factory: Sugarsweet Summit opens again! The map is split in two zones: the Candied Cavern, where you will find the telepad and all quest givers; and the Summit, where you can find all mobs, Zingaras and Elders. The two zones are connected by a long...
  4. Neia

    [Resolved] Bosses with AOE are bugged

    I already bugreported that, but it shouldn't hurt to post this here. -Everyone in the zone will get hit (normal behavior) -The one with the aggro will always get hit, even if he try to dodge or run far away from the zone. Here's a non-exhaustive list of Elders to avoid if you can: The...
  5. Neia

    [Outdated Guide] Grinchta's Lair - 2020 edition

    Grinchta is coming to town, and he's really angry! It's the only event zone with two currencies: Yuletide Joy , which can be earned only in quests; and Yuletide Spirit which can be earned in quests and by killing bosses. Quests All quest givers can be found in the south-east corner of the map...
  6. Neia

    [Spoiler/Guide] Blighted Isles daily quests

    Disclaimer: I write this thread mainly for the 5 dailies that ask you to search some tiny things hidden on huge maps. I also want to thanks all those who helped me to write this. There is a total of 17 daily quests in the Blighted Isles. All the quest givers are located in the safe island of...
  7. Neia

    Haunted Moors maths

    Here are some maths. Non-repeatable quests Welcome to the Haunteds Moors 50 corns The Haunted Moors 250 corns (-9 to complete the quest) Total: 300 corns (-9) Repeatable quests - Actives every 16h Hero Quests Villager Quest Treat to the Moors* 50 corns Seasons Pie 10 corns...
  8. Neia

    Forum is down

    It seems that the forum is down for some players. I post this here, because the Support page ( is down for me.
  9. Neia

    How to -not die- at Vesesia

    Hello :) Well, I write this guide because even these days, I keep seeing warriors waiting at a corner, then running to Vesesia when she's about to cast her AOEs... and they die. This thread is not about how hard she is, and I suppose you have a good group - enough to kill her: A strong tank...
  10. Neia

    Suggestions about Vesesia

    Vesesia, even if she's just an event boss, is one of the hardest and unfair bosses you can find. She's hard, because she do heavy damages. She can OS most players. She requires an incredible amount of HP/resist and heals to survive her attacks. She's unfair, because all of her attacks are close...
  11. Neia

    Suggestion about Quests that eat your bagspace

    Some quest requires you to find, and keep, a lot of differents items. These quests usually takes a lot of time to finish, so the space they take in your inventory will be locked until then. And, as you know, bagspace is always a problem! (Especially for free users) If we are allowed to return...