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  1. Ren Shae

    Patch Notes Servers Down Tues, March 2nd - Patch 4.55.1

    Oof - EZ boss health increase was not a good decision. As others mentioned, Sugarsweet turns into a ghost town faster than other EZ and this makes it even worse to find parties if you really are hoping to gather 800-1000 candies. It's just not worth it for mere 3 cotton candies and no special...
  2. Ren Shae

    Fan Friday Fan Friday Feb 5 - 12

    Olaf, step aside. A new snow companion is in town! Absolutely love it and the hands must stay on with sheer Bog Frog magic
  3. Ren Shae

    Fan Friday Fan Friday Jan 22 - 29

    Great entries! Those lights on Areem's knight bore right into your soul :D
  4. Ren Shae

    Fan Friday Fan Friday Jan 15 - 22

    Yaaay! My whacky rebirth meme made it!
  5. Ren Shae

    Fan Friday Fan Friday Jan 1 - 8

    Oh, will you look at that! Thank you, much appreciated! :) Couldn't of course have done it without a legendary model Stymstorm confidently cowering behind my tail.
  6. Ren Shae

    Suggestions for 2021 'Quality of Life Build'

    Not really a villager side of the game but once we're here already - ability to open external links on mobile. For safety can restrict this to trusted domains (only to forums/gamepedia etc). Also would immensely help to be able to link your inventory items in chat for trading or stat discussions.
  7. Ren Shae

    Suggestions for 2021 'Quality of Life Build'

    What I'd love most is the ability to leave presents on someone else's village farm. Maybe even help water their crops and feed their animals treats. Each house would have a "message board" where you can see who did what. I think it would be cute to really be immersed in all things neighborly :)...
  8. Ren Shae

    Current Contest (12 Day Event) Ornament Crafting Contest!

    Here's my golden nugget šŸ‘ šŸŽ„