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  1. Lunatica

    Problem with gear appearence

    Uh! it would be great to be able to hide the shield!
  2. Lunatica

    Problem with gear appearence

    Thank you very much for the answer, Majenta. So I've lost the skin of the legendary weapon and other things that I liked so much. This is very sad :(
  3. Lunatica

    Problem with gear appearence

    In wardrobe I have got some of my already earned appearence, but how can I add a new gear appearence to my wardrobe? I mean, before the expansion I could change the appearance of any gear by Gnogmenting, but now the Gnogmenting system is redesigned and has no longer the option to change the gear...
  4. Lunatica

    SOLVED Stuck on the mission "The party in peril"

    Sorry, solved :)
  5. Lunatica

    Compensation Gifts Have Been Distributed!

    I was already going to do it becauseI love your game, but your kindness and attention towards users have definitely convinced me to subscribe membership (as soon as possible, because at the moment the page does not work). You deserve it. Thank you very much :love: