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  1. Jazz Mann

    Fan Friday Fan Friday Dec 6-13

  2. Jazz Mann

    Head's Up - Dealing With Zombies

    "All I know is them zombies said they were looking for brains and they walked right past me. "
  3. Jazz Mann

    Fan Friday Fan Friday Nov 1-8

    Congratz and thank ya so much. :cool:
  4. Jazz Mann

    Fan Friday Fan Friday Oct 25 - Nov 1

    Conga-Rats-U-Lations winners
  5. Jazz Mann

    WINNERS of Private Otter!

    Congratz winners. That was a fun event. :cool:
  6. Jazz Mann

    Private Otter's 1001 Arabian Nights!

    Vordigan US1 90 Extraordinary Hunter 🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓☕☕😎
  7. Jazz Mann

    Where are the shields?

    Non-conforming shields, Tombstone shields, Holiday shields, & Skins should be visible for Hunters and Wizards at any level just like the rest of the classes. This is definitely a bug and I hope it gets addressed soon. I miss my awesome shields for my hunter and wizard.
  8. Jazz Mann

    New zone and special access

    Wait! I don't have to be villager and hero. I can be villager OR hero! Now ya tells me. I have been plying all wrong.
  9. Jazz Mann

    Fan Friday Fan Friday August 2-9

    LOL. I notice a theme there. congratz & thank you. :cool:
  10. Jazz Mann

    Can't seem to access the old forum

    Yup. Thanks. Was trying to access it today too.
  11. Jazz Mann

    Gold Vampires

    Ya. I'm losing gold faster than I can make it. Not sure if it's worth the extra effort. Sigh
  12. Jazz Mann

    More animal outfits

    You people All belong in the nuthouse!.. ... I demand an alligator now! And/or a left shark/right shark! Hehe :D
  13. Jazz Mann

    Servers Down July 15th!

  14. Jazz Mann

    Fan Friday Fan Friday May 3 - 7

    Congratulations winners. Good stuff.
  15. Jazz Mann

    Fan Friday Fan Friday April 5 - 12

    Congrats Winners!