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  1. Xloui

    Otter visits library, newspaper story

    Wild otter walks into library, police escorts him out after he makes a mess. Real news! 😄
  2. Xloui

    «Virus in winter» pictures from outdoors

    Walked up a small mountain yesterday, just to get out. It helped the walls-closing-in-on-me-feeling. Recommended. ❤️
  3. Xloui

    ? What happens here ?? (Gnogmenting)

    :oops:This I can not recall seeing before: Inferno’s fire damage is reduced between stage 2 and 3. Is this how it should be? Is it me, am I going blind (or the opposite) not having noticed this before? Anyone out there able to clear this up? 😵HELP!
  4. Xloui

    Another otter

    Adopted happy otter ...
  5. Xloui

    Royal boar ...

    Is so loveable, and has such tiny tiny tiny feet. :love::love::love: Thank you, made me laugh and be happy!
  6. Xloui

    Plentiful not really plentiful? Or is it just me? Help!!

    When plentiful nodes were introduced they gave plentifully, like 18 often and 7-9 most of the time. Now one of my toons get 2 most of the time, sometimes a node once in a while gives some more, 9 or 7. Another of my toons get a little more but not comparable to before last patch. Tools are 100%...
  7. Xloui

    Satisfaction ...

    Think rock n roll while trying to figure it out :). While reading the forums I am constantly reminded of an oldish norse saying: «Til lags åt alle kan ingjen gjera.» Which is approximately in english : “ Satisfy everybody can no one do.” Bless you Otters for trying, and thank you, you deserve an...
  8. Xloui

    Chat and mail interface on mobile (ios)

    Hi Otters! :) Because I enjoy playing your game, and would enjoy playing even more together with other players, if you please can see if you can do something about the communication interfaces on ios/pad/phone? Even after the improvements in the July update it is still difficult to use chat on...