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  1. Patch Notes Servers Down Monday, March 28th, for Season 4 of Raids! NETHERWORLD

    The camera shakes definitely feel way too much. A friend had to leave 95s since it was making her sick, and another friend also has to look away from the screen from time to time to not get sick. I've found it's pretty constant too. A setting to turn off shakes/reduce effects would go a long...
  2. A New Addition to Our Otter Team

    Congrats V!🥳 Your contribution to the community's been so appreciated. So awesome that you can bring your ideas to life.
  3. Current Contest (12 Days X-mas) VH Holiday Cards w/ Notes to Elder Bosses Contest!

    Hope it's not too late. 😄 Amaranth1ne, US3
  4. Saving Marvel-ous Private Otter Event!

    Aw thank you Event Committee and devs! Got the rewards, nice surprise to log in to hehe
  5. Saving Marvel-ous Private Otter Event!

    Hi! Thank you so much for organising this event. ❤️ It was my first time and it was a lot of fun! Had to log earlier for my sister’s birthday and seems I missed out on the code. 😭Is there any way to redeem it still or is it gone forever?
  6. Patch Notes Servers Down Thursday, Sept 16th for Small Patch

    I quite like the two-toned colour nameplates from before, though I wish it was the guild name that was yellow instead. But I am happy the nameplates are going to be blue for my guildless alts. I was disappointed when I found out it was kind of pointless if they weren't in a guild. A guildie...
  7. Pyramid of Anuk'Amon

    1. I found the quests themselves are pretty easy. I think it's the guardians that make the pyramid quests a bit more challenging. The fossil gather rate is a bit low, even gathering more than 3 stacks and still not getting 5. I can't say I find dailies interesting as they're routine, but it's...
  8. List any PC features missing from mobile here!

    This. Tremors animation blocks a lot of effects like runes or blood pools from enemies. I didn't realise how much of a difference there was until I saw a comparison screenie from a guildie: (Left- mobile)
  9. Tournament of Champions II - US3

    Thank you for Val! For organising this event, and for your patience with each team (probably got a chuckle or two from our team's Veldt LOL). This tourney has really made me come to appreciate raids more, trying out the content we’ve so often left unexplored. I’ve come out of it making more...
  10. Stats 2.0 - Upcoming Changes in January (probably)

    I’m probably in the minority, but I really miss knowing the stat value of gear. I know I'm not alone on that either, as I have a guildie who feels the same, too. While stat names like “Brutality” and “Will” were less transparent about what they do, I never felt like the % of stat change was...
  11. Elder Level Compensation Update

    Thank you for the update. 🙂 I apologise if this was mentioned elsewhere, but as you’ve mentioned all Elder level compensation rewards are completed, I was wondering if the rewards would be provided for toons that are our ‘alts’? My ‘main’, that is, the first character on my list when I log, is...
  12. Contest: Video Clips!

    A few of mine :) 1. I really love Maiden falls and still think jumping down is so scenic. Fav thing to do after checking meaty fish 2. Also alternative here. From the top of maiden jumping down here is also pretty awesome. Oh, and- 3. If we’re not talking strictly mounts, jumping on foot is...
  13. WINNERS of the Flying Carpet Lottery!

    Thank you so much! Didn't expect this. ❤️ I love it. Grats to all other winners too!