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  1. Mallok’s Menacing Nights (US3 Halloween Event Schedule)

    10/30 8 - 9 pm est Envoy’s & DM village
  2. Haunted Moors – What about us?

    It would also be great to see Pumpkin Head at the same difficulty as Druda. Pumpkin Head dies too fast because if you die you most likely won’t have time to run back to get another hit in.
  3. Equinox Departure Date!

    Will there be a sale on the crown items for event zone?
  4. Gold Exploit

    The exploit has moved to US3.
  5. Patch Notes Servers Down Thursday, Sept 16th for Small Patch

    I need that on mobile! I have a friend problem.
  6. Saving Marvel-ous Private Otter Event!

    Hey that’s my team! Congratulations! Let’s hope the developers find a way to get u ur 2nd place prize.
  7. Pyramid of Anuk'Amon

    Yep it would be nice to revive inside the pyramid because I revived at the teleport pad and that is a long walk back.
  8. Pyramid of Anuk'Amon

    The layout of the pyramid bounties on top of the other bounties is confusing.
  9. List any PC features missing from mobile here!

    The ability to dispel a dram instead of waiting for the time to run out.
  10. List any PC features missing from mobile here!

    I would love to see who is active and inactive in a guild because I know my guildie who plays on pc is tired of telling me who is inactive.
  11. Suggestions for 2021 'Quality of Life Build'

    To be able to dispel on mobile instead of waiting for the dram to run out of time
  12. Suggestions for 2021 'Quality of Life Build'

    Mobile mail system to expand the box vertically and horizontally when typing instead of just horizontally
  13. Suggestions for 2021 'Quality of Life Build'

    Time stamp on messages and more outfits.
  14. Why can't blighted motes be tradable?

    Also, when salvaging gear and weapons that used blight motes getting blight motes back would be fantastic.
  15. For Characters - Races

    Don’t forget fire wizards go through tons of mana!
  16. Raid Zone Crashes

    The Red Cloister raid zone keeps crashing on US3.
  17. Twilight Vale Departure

    Don’t forget the new players!
  18. The Sneaky Scribbler Caption Contest

    Help me ….. He is sitting on my head!
  19. Suggestions for 2021 'Quality of Life Build'

    Color changing mounts and outfits.
  20. Is a temporary block command possible?

    Especially if there are no commas to separate names.