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  1. Maldwyn Tomb - Issue with Map

    After the update, the same situation. There are several people in the guild, screen at the entrance to the tomb (
  2. LF cross-realms Crown purchase - I paying gold on (US1, US3) and want to get Items on (EU1)

    WTB Mount from shop,anyone will do,need only speed buff! Gnomish Jumping Shoes. All enchantment, The Reapers Pack. If someone has something of this, I will buy it at a great price. EU1
  3. Our New EU1 Moderator!

    Dear administration! Of course, we respect your choice, but what would you advise the Russian community to do if the chosen, new moderator does not even appear in the game? 1-2 times he was noticed, greeted and he left) Every evening the chat is toxic, and this holiday weekend with events. For...
  4. Our New EU1 Moderator!

    Perfectly! Although, of course, I have never met him in half a year of playing, but I am very happy about it! Finally, Russian-speaking players have the opportunity to communicate with moderators, as well as censorship and order in the chat!