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  1. Was nice playing with yall over the years

    My account is blocked. C,yall. Hope they help give leadership to the guild to Atsa or Rohana. As A word of warning, you think you do the work buy the stuff can enjoy. I did nothing wrong. My account was blocked over no wrong I did. Years and hundreds invested. {mod edit}
  2. I am not allowed to speak?

    I am not allowed to speak?
  3. Seems I been banned.

    I gather as watch TV, double click empty node kicked again, now can't log in. Been fun, be nice they gimme 5 minutes to promote someone else to guild lead move out my 3 toons. Just disgusting how the hateful 8 destroy the game.
  4. Gathering

    Please greatly reduce the value of gems gathering. Try to work craft all plenty down.
  5. Spell Crafting

    I want the ability to plan a templet with stats I want. If we let Armorers build blank armor with only lightning/fury/holy/shadow etc on the piece, then have stat potions like the add stat ones we have now but all stats. Maybe create a new craft or give current crafters new recipes. So end game...
  6. Where is the ( I can't believe you did this to us) post?

    Anybody else looking for their new game? I feel betrayed. I worked years for it to be rendered moot in 1 fell swoop because they want money and the New toons =spending.
  7. Can't seem to be able to cancel Ardent Society renewal.

    Charged me for 3 more months when all I wanted to do is not renew. I feel like a kid that got coal and switches for Christmas. I'm done. Please cancel me and remove the 3-month charges.
  8. Sugar Sweet?

    Hi, I have been waiting for Sugar Sweet about 8 months now. Since I need to switch to lighting to do my job in a team I was looking forward to the free sockets since I need to rebuild all my gear. I wish I had not bought the hype on fury. As a 90 elder 24 fury warrior to any thinking go fury...