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  1. Xii

    Fire wizard vs Shadow priest

    The priest class is the true metaphor for Self-Realization in real life and unlocking ones true power through that by being able to use thought without being corrupted by it. To be able to use thinking without being used by thinking. This is the priest class 1 on 1. Using shadow skills but...
  2. Xii

    Mana is QoL issue.

    *Blighted ones are 1500/30s and my suggestion is to change them so that they suffer no penalty in combat and give 3000 mana over 30 sec in and out of combat as they cost not only motes and blue bitter lime but also high craft cost and on top of that are rare consumables that require yo to get...
  3. Xii

    Mana suggestion version 666

    *Blighted ones are 1500/30s and my suggestion is to change them so that they suffer no penalty in combat and give 3000 mana over 30 sec in and out of combat as they cost not only motes and blue bitter lime but also high craft cost and on top of that are rare consumables that require yo to get...
  4. Xii

    Raid Relics

    You are the only one that supports the reward system as it is and the only one giving feedback on raids that you have done 1 heroic 1 on. Most if not all other players agree that getting rare relics is bad in the highest raids, and all people who join heroic runs for the first time are laughing...
  5. Xii

    Raid Relics

    according to this guy in previous posts then everyone will get their relics and quit the game as he put it, he thinks people farm relics to get them not to use them lol. He does not get it that people with skills will want to use their skills to do the hardest dungeons and get the best rewards...
  6. Xii

    Raid Relics

    #0 What fun is it in spending 25 minutes using a stack of pots to defeat a heroic 43 catacomb and get a rare relic as a reward? #1 The difference between being rewarded APPROPRIATELY and being not rewarded APPROPRIATELY to the degree of your effort and results is how you keep players engaged in...
  7. Xii

    Raid Relics

    An item being important or not is not the issue, the issue is that it's a purely RNG-based reward system. If they for example restrict the relics to only legendary and celestial relics in heroic it is not purely RNG anymore as you have chosen a bigger challenge and gotten rewarded for it. Just...
  8. Xii

    Catacomb Relics

    The new season is bad enough with recolored mounts and toys, not to mention all the bugs and lag that have been present and the promise of 3 new relics without delivering still. 2 are missing and those should IMO be added as (voidstrike, mastery, and brutality stats) according to the theme of...
  9. Xii

    Bag Function

    This extra bag is useful if you have full bags and store your items from drops, quests etc, and I wonder if it can be the case for purchased AH items too and have the rest go to mail if this "extra bag or mailbag" gets full. It will be very nice to not have 20 stacks of refined or raw in the...
  10. Xii

    Elder boss kills

    This is a wonderful suggestion having a list of L20-L85 that updates with people who need them killed and just msging them. If they are not online I'm sure some of the many other end-game players will also do so and will find them when they are on. Could be made so only those who are online and...
  11. Xii

    Bless Block

    Casting Bless on a friend can trigger a block that is annoying and has not yet been fixed. If it's cast on priests with block stun talent it can be deadly.
  12. Xii

    Orla's very buggy...

    Just did one orla and there are no bugs and went smooth.
  13. Xii

    Shadow Detonation

    You might be right, to be honest. I wish some dev could give feedback. The issue is I get all detonated frequently too. Too big of a difference in damage from 1 or 5 curses to allow it to be a fully RNG choice IMO if it's intended as is now.
  14. Xii

    Shadow Detonation

    From some testing lately, I have found a bug. Detonation does not as stated in the shadow orbs description (attached) have a chance to detonate all curses on the target as many times I have seen it only detonate 1 or 2 curses. From the description, it clearly states that either you detonate...
  15. Xii

    Could we improve Magic Find to relevant stat??

    It gives raw magic find not a % increase. The poise however on that relic does get a % increase and not a flat number of poise. So the MF does not break the stat cap but poise does on that relic.
  16. Xii

    Xi's Hybrid Priest

    I change a couple of items around to balance my (holy power/shadow power) and indirectly (savagery/voidstrike) but I have attached one that I use most of the time. In those 2 screenshots, I have my Scepter active which I always do anyway (+6431 Shadow power) + 1.9k voidstrike, and that's all...
  17. Xii

    Patch Notes Patch 4.75.1

    I give up, I tried but until the whole team changes, this wonderful potential of a game will never come to its fruition. The only reason why it's still alive is that the community is too nice to even their own good. These types of mishaps and updates would end the game if it was any other...
  18. Xii

    Raid Groups

    I would suggest that the 3 / 6 and open one become all an option of their own scaling the raid to whatever number of people there are. There are many times you want to run with 1 or maybe 3 other people which is inefficient with the current system. This usually results in most people going solo...
  19. Xii

    Xi's Hybrid Priest

    I have been asked a lot about my hybrid priest builds that I run and I have decided to create a post here so that I can just simply link it whenever someone is asking. For those who are interested to know about my hybrid build here you go. Enjoy...
  20. Xii

    Jump Skill

    If you jump and cast a skill you stop mid-air and land on that spot where you cast your skill but if you move around you can cast without any problems. Should IMO fix so that skill casts do not interrupt mid-air horizontal or vertical movements.