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  1. Sinjin

    Sugarsweet Cavern bridge pathing bug

    Attempting to walk on narrow ledges or across bridges often causes falls, so I have tap-to-move enabled. Using tap-to-move when the pathing isn’t correct causes the toon to take a hard left off the bridge instead of arriving at the targeted spot. Happens 100% of the time; it’s repeatable. To...
  2. Sinjin

    “Show All Effects” should only apply to player effects

    The “show all effects” option on mobil was added to permit users to ‘turn on/off’ visual effects of non-partied members in an effort to improve client performance. When rocking a dungeon with 50 people (or event zone), it makes a huge difference (especially with older/lesser devices that are...
  3. Sinjin

    “Overwrite Buff?” Check Bug

    The game uses a mechanism to check if you have a buff, and prompts you to overwrite the buff if it detects that one is active. The problem is, the ‘overwrite buff?’ prompt triggers up to one minute after than the actual buff duration , so if you attempt to cast a buff (eat a pie, verda, triads)...
  4. Sinjin

    ‘Voltan’s Bastion’ Buff Notification Bug

    Voltan’s Bastion is a ‘ground buff’ (one of the short-duration buffs that mobs drop) and provides a bulwark buff (health dmg shield). The bug is not with the buff itself (which works properly), but with the notification that misreports the amount (higher than the actual shield amount). Steps...
  5. Sinjin

    (Un)targeting Bug Introduced in 4.61

    With the introduction of v4.61, the (mobil?) interface added a bug that places a distance-check on attempts to untarget your current target and will only permit you to affirmatively untarget the object if you’re near that object (brazier, lever, friendly npc, etc). Once you travel a certain...
  6. Sinjin

    What if Ice Shield...

    was a targetable shield (with a 40m range, the same cd/mana cost)... just made it no longer self-only. Ice could conceivably carve out a role as shield/dps. It wouldn’t imbalance the class because it doesn’t affect the class in solo play (a solo ice Wizard would just cast shield on self as much...
  7. Sinjin

    Collection of Ice Wizard Memes

    Yeah, I was thinking of @Math Fish when I did this one :)
  8. Sinjin

    Online Talent Builder Bug

    The online Talent Builder shows the warrior lightning Tempest talent has a 78% Thunderbird proc rate at 30 points, but the actual value in-game is 20%.
  9. Sinjin

    Minimizing Server Spam Retrieving Blight Faction

    The current mechanism for checking an individual’s blight faction requires the player to check each faction individually. I feel this is both inefficient and unnecessary tedious. A small change to permit a single request to query reputation, resulting in a server response that provides the...
  10. Sinjin

    Village Vault Log Should Accessible On Mobil

    Being a mayor, it is occasionally necessary to see who’s raided the vault. Please make the vault log accessible on mobile devices. Also, please increase the vault log to all net transactions within the last 72 hours, not just the previous X transactions. If an villager attempts to restock the...
  11. Sinjin

    Love the Vale Panther, can we get a Flaming One?

    Please? Pretty please?
  12. Sinjin

    Did we really need to nerf Ice Wizards?

    Prior to The release of Earth and Sea, each class had access to a choice of necklace feats. Whether you were a Fury warrior that chose to have a necklace with Turn The Tide or Surging Howl was a matter of choice. Every class had this. Be they useful or not, each class has a choice on which feat...
  13. Sinjin

    Did Earth & Sea Just Ransom My Avatars?

    First, I’ll apologize for the clickbait-ish thread title. I understand the word ‘ransom’ has a negative connotation that is perhaps not wholly appropriate. It is my own limitation in that I cannot think of a word for the situation when ‘someone takes something you value from you and offers to...