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  1. Sumi

    Default Server

    Hi... Can US2 please please please be default again? The server is really becoming somewhat stagnant because there's literally no one else to recruit to guilds and such as people become inactive again. We're not getting enough new players and it's honestly really frustrating... And I know I...
  2. Sumi

    Mobile Death Screen

    Dying on mobile is an iffy experience, and not just for the fact that your toon died. On mobile, it is just too easy to accidentally hit "Revive" or "Respawn" by accident. Additionally, it's very hard to see through the blacked out screen, making it hard to know when to respawn at elders, event...
  3. Sumi


    What if, in the Catacombs run-back part, we had a catapult to launch us back instead? 😃
  4. Sumi

    Scroll Raid Rewards

    Just an idea, at the end of a raid when it shows the rewards you got (i.e. weekly, daily, relics, silver, experience, gear, etc.) it would be a lot more intuitive and less clunky-looking if you could scroll with the mouse middle scroll wheel, instead of having to drag left to right to see all...
  5. Sumi

    Thank you Otters!! ♡︎

    As we get to that time of the year again, the time of joy, harmony, peace, and love, I just want to give a huge thank you to the devs of this game!! From thousands of hours of fun to new friends in and out of the game, thank you. Thank you for helping us get through this past year with loads of...
  6. Sumi

    Updated Talent Builder (:

    Hello! An update to the talent builder would be great haha to make it all consistent between the game and the talent builder on the official website. I know this has been said before, but I sometimes tend to have an affinity for beating dead horses 😁 lol plus it's been off for some time now...
  7. Sumi

    Whisper Button Toggle

    Hey!! I've seen many guildies and friends complain about this recently, and while it's probably already been suggested in another thread somewhere, I just thought there might be room for a discussion about the whisper button on mobile. In mid-combat it's very easy to accidentally hit the...
  8. Sumi

    Raid Scaling

    Hello! A lot of players don't understand this, and so I feel this post could help people who have experienced bronze raids as "too difficult" or "unfair below lvl95" (my lvl41 hunter alt soloed bronze just fine without sockets or premium consumables or legendary or crafted gear besides the bow...
  9. Sumi

    Wizard Necklace

    Hello!! I am an ice/very hybrid wizzie, and have seen some comments about the necklace situation in the wizard world, and thought I would share some ideas. The fire necklace, Mind Spark, is very useful for wizards who use single-target fire spells, dealing extra damage while restoring the...
  10. Sumi

    Interactive Mail

    Hey, just a quick suggestion. Interactive mails! So YES / NO vote mails that the results are sent in a resultant mail back to the original sender after a day or 3 (depending on length of voting time), which could be an amazing way to connect and get immediate feedback from non-Discord players...
  11. Sumi

    Sickle Weapons

    Hello! Just wanted to make a thread about the Sickle Weapons Gnogpack. This month is October, the spookiest month of the year! The big calendar reward this month is the soulbound Sickle Weapon Gnogpack, created from the 4 accountbound Skull of the Sickles which are received on the last day of...