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  1. Raphael Lenglet

    Questions about toys

    Those are called Zogs, there is npc in Traders path zone, near vault ... You need 5 zogs of same type to exchange and reward depends on quality of zogs, common ones is for emerald that worth 1 gold, uncommon (green) for diamond that worth 4 gold, rare (blue) for bag of elixirs - you can get 1 or...
  2. Raphael Lenglet

    Defusing the Feud part 2 Marigold

    These are zingara ... there is 15 of them so you have to be lucky to find it up
  3. Raphael Lenglet

    Twilight Vale Outfit Chosen!

    These outfits were introduced to game in 2016 iirc and they are quite old ... been at vendor for sure in past years and even the 5 npcs that gives you quests for killin 250 fairies each wear them
  4. Raphael Lenglet

    Twilight Vale Outfit Chosen!

    From i remember these outfits are at vendor in zone every year in 5 or 6 different colors
  5. Raphael Lenglet

    Joth'tech is Unkillable in Solo Heroics [Now with Pictures]

    You are wasting your life just on every single second spend to playing virtual games, no big deal (attack of age 50+ addicted games granmas in 3,2,1....)
  6. Raphael Lenglet

    EU1 Bingo progress!

    arcane rift toy would make it accurate because it does same pose like Elsa when light effect run out
  7. Raphael Lenglet

    Event Zone dailies - high vs low level toons magic find tweak?

    A lot of players misunderstood that they need to have magic find on gear for dream dust to works... you no need to have magic find on your gear because dream dust increase your chance to get mega loot from normal (non-boss) mobs by X%. ADDITIONALY it increase your magic find by X%(if you have...
  8. Raphael Lenglet

    Event Zone dailies - high vs low level toons magic find tweak?

    Magic find works ONLY for gear in the wild, it have nothing to do with drops such as quest items or keys of red darrig or other rare drops... from i remember this dust increase chance for mega loot so it's totally random in event zone, magic find in event zones doesn't works at all as you not...
  9. Raphael Lenglet

    Idol of Zoria

    idol of zoria will be taken from your inventory when you speak to npc in Ladys lake after completetion of main quest in copse and coille to unlock Rye portal
  10. Raphael Lenglet

    What “races” do you see your character/main toon as?

    When i played this game (or any other) i used to make characters looks just like me in real life, at least i tried to with limited options, even if this game miss beards and body hairs
  11. Raphael Lenglet

    Easter Egg Hunt!

    Yes just what i said above .... they spawn on the place instead of mob, same like zingara do.. however, its not neccessarily instead of zingara, because you can find all zingara and few eggs in same zone at same time, just eggs works same like zing
  12. Raphael Lenglet

    Easter Egg Hunt!

    when i used to play this game, i remember that eggs can spawn only instead of zingara, so it can be on any place in the zone but in zones below ardent city/castle (tutorial island) or in zombie town for example, that have none zingara you won't find any eggs
  13. Raphael Lenglet

    What is the name of this feat/spell ?

    this time before starfall was amazing and i am sure most of us loved old hunters and other classes as well ... after starfall game is not what it used to be anymore :)
  14. Raphael Lenglet


    Make caliphs with some kind of 2 minutes immunity after respawn this year, it will prevent lot of frustration and drama in ez ... some ppl using camping at their spawn and kill them as soon as they spawn with no give change for others to catch them
  15. Raphael Lenglet

    How are raids supposed to be done solo ?

    yes and then what ? i did also with my high level characters (80+) and i ended up at level 7 with wasting of hundreds ressureects and potions ... i dobnt i will be able to reach level 10 not even 20.... and as i said getting help on EU1 is miracle and i forgot to say i did those 3 levels when...
  16. Raphael Lenglet

    How are raids supposed to be done solo ?

    I am level 42 holy priest with full upgraded gear ... using million of mana potions and boosters and drams... i can't complete level 4 rookery at all and even no have idea how other 2 raids looking ... how you meant this can be done solo ? beause it seems like only level capped players can do...
  17. Raphael Lenglet

    Patch 4.45.1 - Servers Down Tuesday, July 21

    We did ladder today as well and we had tank and healers but not level capped players (highest was 83 or so) and whole group about 25 ppl died at second boss ... they made it not possible to complete for low level players even if before we could and find level capped player who will help is...
  18. Raphael Lenglet

    Patch 4.45.1 - Servers Down Tuesday, July 21

    than 5 minutes before annoucement of prisma, some sort of 3 minutes immunity after spawn would be much better ... and not only for prisma but for all booses in event zones that works in this way even before this annoucement there was still someone in world chat that say prisma spawn in 5...
  19. Raphael Lenglet

    Patch 4.45.1 - Servers Down Tuesday, July 21

    excuse me but what did you do to prisma ? we just killed one and almost whole crew died after her 2 aoes then when she died we got any toxication that cannot be cured and healed and almost all of us died eventually ... i am not sure if thats more fun than before
  20. Raphael Lenglet

    What's the point of raids ?

    Can someone explain what i am missing ? Something that seemed very interesting at first its total dissapointment .. what is the point of use tons of ressurects and heal and mana potionś for the crap reward of xp and silver ?