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  1. Constantine ElSheba

    Treasure bank exchange

    In the livestream the devs mentioned about the furniture you could buy by depositing the gold and retaking the gold back when you don't want it anymore (if my explanation is correct ). It game me some ideas on how we could stash gold in the vaults without creating a gold vault. My idea is by...
  2. Constantine ElSheba

    Ardent ledger?

    When will the Ardent ledger be updated? I miss the Sneaky Scribbler.... and his sneaky gossips...
  3. Constantine ElSheba

    Huawei user

    Hello. I'm a Huawei user. But the game isn't on Huawei app. So is there a chance in the future that the game will be released on Huawei app?
  4. Constantine ElSheba

    Shade blighted zones: Dusk twins and Shadenor

    Hello. I've been in these zone for some times and I can say that the blue colour is more excessive that the red of blood blighted zones. My suggestions are just some slight differences in colouration in the zones. Tree trunk - make them black Tree foliage - have a range of colours with...
  5. Constantine ElSheba

    The animals of the neighbors

    Hello. I've been taking a flying in my village and saw some animals have some nice names. I'm starting this thread for fun. Take a walk in your village, find some funny names or nice names, take a(some) screenshot(s) and put them here.
  6. Constantine ElSheba

    New gems

    This is just an idea but I wonder if the gems starting from lv 100 can be changed. I would like some organic kind of gems: pearl, coral, amber, jet black, ivory and ammonite or ammolite (or both combined). Those will replace gems from lv 100 and up. Maybe every 100 levels gems could be...
  7. Constantine ElSheba

    Music box

    I recently participated in the CE this friday and repeatedly activated my musical toys that I have: the dancebot and Christmas caroler. Everytime the cd was over I activated them on and on the entire ce party and I loved it! It dispersed my boredom of clicking (that and reading the chat). I...
  8. Constantine ElSheba

    Regarding inventory

    I've red V's post about crafting and materials and I was thinking that this will increase the number of slots occupied by items. That means that the inventory needs a remake and expansion (well in the end it would need to be increased anyway ). I have some suggestions that I will share with some...
  9. Constantine ElSheba

    Haunted moors departure

    When is the haunted moors event leaving? Just curious 🙂
  10. Constantine ElSheba

    Double bought item

    Hello. I bought a red dragon companion today and I found out that I already have one in the vault. Is there a way to replace with another different dragon or another pet or something like that? Is it possible? If not, is it possible to return it and get my crowns back? Thank you
  11. Constantine ElSheba

    Spells and nodes

    Can we use self healing when we are attacked by mobs during gathering? It's annoying when I try to harvest with a mob attacking in the middle of gathering. I don't like to stop in the middle of it, specially when it's a plenty. Let us use self healing. Like ice floes or other self healing...
  12. Constantine ElSheba

    Rift Ascension stone

    I looked through official wiki and I found this on Opalia's page I went once through all bosses here, in group off course, but there is no stone from Opalia. Is there something that I missed?
  13. Constantine ElSheba

    House instance

    We will finally get instanced house that we can decorate however we want. If I got it correctly it's a grid system. Basically we place the object on the grid. We can put things on the floor and if I'm correct we can even hang stuff on the walls. The only thing I want to know first if we can...
  14. Constantine ElSheba

    Village park

    This is a thread about village park ideas. Practically Damon wanted to know what we want in the park. So who has a suggestion, put it here. ☺ My ideas for village park are: big natural pond to swim with the fishes; camp site to sit around the fire place in circle to sing, tell stories...
  15. Constantine ElSheba

    Guild vaults

    After I watched the livestream and saw that someone asked for more village vaults, I was thinking about the discussions about villages and guilds and all the stuff about it. So I was thinking, can't guild vaults be created? Guild vaults are tied directly to the guild. It's like the shared...
  16. Constantine ElSheba

    Beauty salon and Citizenship bureau

    Hello. I have a suggestion for those who don't like to go to the char menu just to change the char appearance and realm origin. First off all the two of them will be separated into two sections with 2 different npc placed in 2 different locations. 1) Beauty salon - market area - Patty...
  17. Constantine ElSheba

    Auto mount unlocking

    Hello. Recently I have purchased 2 flying carpets, but I didn't want them to be added to the mount tab. Once I left the item shop, the mounts auto unlocked and I didn't want that. I like to hoard them so I buy them. Is it possible to make to not auto unlocking? It seems only when exiting item...
  18. Constantine ElSheba

    Mount and pet tabs & other

    Hello. This is a post about the mounts and pets tabs in the quick bar. There were a lot of people who posted wonderful ideas about it and I'm just putting in order these ideas. First of all what I'm writing is from someone who plays on mobile, so there must be some inconsistencies between pc...
  19. Constantine ElSheba

    Game in italian

    Hello. I recently changed the in-game language to italian to play with my lil sis and I was surprised to see a lot on zones are translated wrong into italian. I am by no means italian nor excel in the language, but I learned enough in high school in Italy to spot the errors. I will specify that...
  20. Constantine ElSheba

    Games chambers

    I was thinking about some mini games that someone suggested and I think it is a good idea. But instead having matching mini games during harvesting, I propose having in Ardent castle and Guild Halls a Hall of Games. A Hall of games is a places where players can play games like...