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  1. Priest Daimheach

    Hidden Canyon Tavern

    There was some talk on World chat...and I thought I would post it. This little inn was added to Traders Path a little while ago... and while there IS a part of the main quest that goes through it, the inn doesn't seem to see much business other than that. US2 would HATE for this little inn to...
  2. Priest Daimheach

    Shroom Mounts

    There was a time that toons sat on the rear end of shrooms... but players complained because it always looked like they were on a toilet...and so, the toons were moved. However, the saddle remains. As it looks like some sort of ill-positioned 'butt guard', I would suggest that the saddle be...
  3. Priest Daimheach

    EZ Suggestion

    Just saw someone say that the ladder in Sugarsweet 'eats rezzies like candy'... gave me an idea for one of the random (and I would assume rare) drops that can happen from mobs. You could create an item that acts as a rezzie - but ONLY works in the ez. Obviously, this would have to be a rare...
  4. Priest Daimheach

    Return of Ardent Tavern

    The Ardent Tavern is BACK!!! Join us in the main Discord Server, Global Voice Chat on Thursday, Aug 19 at 6PM Eastern (3PM Pacific). We will be talking to Damon Otter about the following topics (and possibly more if time allows): Raid Season 3 Feedback Mana potions Most wanted for the upcoming...
  5. Priest Daimheach

    New Player EZ

    This idea has been brewing for some time... but after today's 'issues', I've decided to share it. Right now, when a new character comes into the game, the EZ portal shows in the list on the right of the world map. Some new players have gotten stuck in the EZ because they never touch a portal...
  6. Priest Daimheach

    Healer ability

    I've seen this suggestion in chat... Don't know if it's ever been actually suggested. As much as I hate "in other games"...that's how this starts... Apparently in other games, there is an ability to target a target's target. Let me explain... Let's say I'm with a group fighting something...
  7. Priest Daimheach

    Method of death

    We need a new cause of death added to game... "You died while typing in a hazardous environment." <not mine - stolen from Karen Souldancer on US2>
  8. Priest Daimheach

    Quest Stoppers

    I can't remember if this has been posted already - (sorry forum mods/devs if it has - my brain is only 1/2 working today). There have been a lot of complaints on and off forums regarding not being able to get a quest item for 22 hrs due to a bounty already being killed. I think we've ALL...
  9. Priest Daimheach

    Christmas songs

    Ok...I know that it's November...and I know that not everyone celebrates Christmas... But...Hubby & I really like Christmas songs...not just the old time carols, but just about ALL of them... I need to put together a playlist. Looking for people to post their favorite Christmas songs here...
  10. Priest Daimheach

    "Forgotten" zones

    This came up on Discord this morning, and I often see in world chat as well. So, I thought I'd post it. Apparently, many players seem to get 'stuck' at around lvl 38-50ish. They've hit all the bounties in their zones and aren't sure where to go for xp. First - to help with the xp, be sure to...
  11. Priest Daimheach

    Gather Tool Repair

    The original reason for having repair globs in game was to combat botting. Since we have the new exhaustion mechanic for all nodes, wouldn't it make sense to eliminate the repair globs?
  12. Priest Daimheach

    Suggestions regarding balancing

    There were a LOT of balancing changes done in the last expansion. Some definitely needed to be made. However, when combined with the loss of house perks, the loss of fusions, the loss of power in stats, AND the buff on monsters, I think things are out of whack. As most know, I'm not real good...
  13. Priest Daimheach

    What do we do?

    We all have (or I would hope we have) outside interests...I'm curious - what's yours? Do you work, come home and play, then sleep - rinse and repeat? Or do you do other things as well? I'll start - I do knitting and crochet (mostly crochet). I also bought a house a couple years ago, so have...