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  1. IoOvOo

    Why new contents must come with lvl cap raising?

    Why can't we just have new contents? Raising the lvl cap wouldn't solve the problem that endgame will get more and more boring as time goes by. We would just change a place to grind after finishing the new content within a few months.
  2. IoOvOo

    Polar Bears Need More Love!

    The whole world is turning into desert so that polar bears can hardly survive. We need more ice wizards to protect them! Join me and cast bitter chill to create shelters for polar bears! #polarbears
  3. IoOvOo

    Zingara-like Minibosses in Raids

    I wanna start this post with my thanks to devs for making the raids more enjoyable and designing the new veldt which is amazing (can we have a Zell pet?:ROFLMAO:). However, while running raids, I found a tiny problem remains unsolved. Although new mechanics are introduced as the level goes up...
  4. IoOvOo

    OvO's Hybrid Ice Wizard Build Brief Guide - Why and How

    I've wanted to share my build since a long time ago. However, laziness and language together with the absence of Kave's ice wizard guide on the forum ( :ROFLMAO: ) prevented me from doing that. So please forgive me for my mistakes in grammar and spelling, and hopefully I can finish this guide...
  5. IoOvOo

    Please Make Crafted Trinkets Account Bound

    So that we don't have to max woodcrafting on every toon just for 2 enhancement runes. Please!šŸ˜‚
  6. IoOvOo

    Mythic Blighted Recipes

    In case all people are lazy to craft them, a spoiler here...
  7. IoOvOo

    Rotten apples

    Really need a spoiler for where to bury the apple of cinder. Anyone knows?
  8. IoOvOo

    Drop Machnism

    When several players are in a team and some of them or all have the quest, the quest items dropped from mobs are shared and only one could pick them up. When players aren't in a team but run together, only the one who hits the mob first may get drop, the others get the kill but no drop. Is this...
  9. IoOvOo

    Main Quest Dealing With Zombie in Zombie Town

    I was doing main quests on my shaman before update. I killed the bounty and got the quest item 'Marrow Cider Goblet', which is still in my inventory. The quest says Return the Marrow Cider Globlet to Gobnait in Zombie town and on the map this npc shows as a purple star. However there is in fact...
  10. IoOvOo

    The Oases of Anuk'Amon is down in EU1

    Our characters are trapped in the zone.
  11. IoOvOo

    Calendar gifts

    So calendar gifts are same every year. Not bad I want the weapon gongpack on another toon :P