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  1. Toy Bag Feedback

    Seems like a poor trade to lose the ability to use paid-for account bound toys on all characters, including new names, for the convenience of the toy bag. Really not worth reacquiring toys that money/darrig coins were spent on each time a new character is made - guess they just don't get to...
  2. Raid Nether Camel--would you please add skills (e.g. speed boost)

    I'm kinda glad the camel has no abilities - removes the incentive to spend 50 hours on raids I don't enjoy and spend the time elsewhere :D
  3. The VH Otto Lotto!

    I guess otters celebrate valentines day by attacking you viciously? :P
  4. Current Contest (12 Days X-mas) VH Ornament Contest!

    Angry Grinchta-stick, but don't worry, he's quite 'armless!
  5. Current Contest (12 Days X-mas) VH Ornament Contest!

    Boredom + Popsicle Sticks = V+H Sleigh
  6. Current Contest (12 Days X-mas) VH Christmas Carols Contest!

    Adapted from Santa Baby: Grinchta baby, have a little disco with me, oh please Let all of your lights be green, as we Shower you with arrows tonight. Squonk, EU1
  7. Current Contest (12 Days X-mas) VH Ornament Contest!

    A wooden toy sword - should I make another 30 of them for the Christmas zone daily quests? Squonk, EU1
  8. Current Contest (12 Days X-mas) VH Ornament Contest!

    Made a village house ornament - now just need a tree to hang it on! Squonk, EU1
  9. Current Contest (12 Days X-mas) VH Stocking Stuffer Contest!

    A nice, tasty Christmas Sweetroll! Squonk, EU1
  10. Should the toy menu automatically close or stay open until clicked?

    Keep it open! I miss spamming 7 types of firework in a row!
  11. New event raid alike quest is a big dissapointment

    Adding to this now I know there is another reward - does seem like a good incentive for the 32 hour quest - even if only getting silver or bronze it's worth it for the added yuletides, and timer for silver is forgiving enough that it should be possible if gold isn't.
  12. New event raid alike quest is a big dissapointment

    Seems like it's worth doing the Plumkiss boss once for the quest to get 50 of each yuletide, but other than that doesn't seem to be any incentive to doing the raid part. If people are enjoying the challenge for the sake of it then great - i'll stick to working on all the other rewards the zone...
  13. Patch 4.67 - Christmas 2021

    Enjoying the Christmas zone and it's new additions and also love how Ardent looks, thanks! :)
  14. Patch 4.67 - Christmas 2021

    Looking forward to the Christmas zone and glad none of this guild drama effects me :D
  15. The Silly Games Event!-EU1

    There was literally just an event (naked run) where everyone on the entire server got prizes for participating (and even if not participating) - is it really so terrible that a different event happens that operates differently and rewards just the winners? On the live stream last week there was...
  16. Patch Notes Servers Down Monday, Oct 18th for The Haunted Moors !

    Any chance that for each day until pumpkin head is fixed we can get a cache for each toon gifted to us? It's getting pretty tiresome missing out (repeatedly during a day) when it is one shot by a level 2 player. Edit to add: If this isn't possible, could the pumpkin head respawn be dropped...
  17. Patch Notes Servers Down Thursday, Sept 16th for Small Patch

    Bought the flair a couple of days ago after seeing it in use and liking the blue/yellow combo - now it's just blue....meh Also this change seems to be missing from the patchnotes
  18. Patch Notes Patch Notes 4.62.2 - Servers Down Monday, July 12th

    The changes to Orla's Veldt don't seem to serve a purpose other than now making the raid feel overly time consuming and have made the interesting boss mechanics feel boring with them activating twice as much as before and just leading to a time-suck rather than adding a challenge
  19. Raid Season 3 Feedback

    At some point would it not be easier for you to build/fund a different game that suits all of these changes you want to every aspect of the game? :p The majority of these changes would make me less likely to participate in raids - this season feels like a good balance at the moment
  20. The Sneaky Scribbler Caption Contest

    "If I tried to describe this situation in US2 chat, I'd get a warning!"