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  1. Roak

    Rift rewards and progression.

    I guess that makes sense,but how much efflux does it cost exactly? Unlocking the first one apparently takes enough to make people cry ,lol. Considering how hard those efflux are to get (and how hard it is to actually find enough people to do Rift) , couldnt we simply have all teleporters...
  2. Roak

    30 min or less

    That reminds me something i've realised recently: if something takes too long to do, lot of people dont come because they dont have time for it, meaning that we have fewer people coming and thus making things take much longer to do. Then, the people who were there conclude that they dont have...
  3. Roak

    What's the order of "Rebirth"?

    One benefit to do the highest rebirths first is that it gives you time to hoard some stuff, so when you do rebirth you have already have lot of resources at your disposition, making progression faster.
  4. Roak

    Rift rewards and progression.

    Concerning the teleporter cost, on US2 we've pretty given up the idea of using it after many reports of people losing ALL their effluxes just for using it once . We've also given up on the Pinbone quest, it still is impossible to complete. Not enough time.
  5. Roak

    New rift basic boss advice (spoiler alert)

    Same here, but i think even now people are still too traumatised from the time the bosses had their hp increased to try to go back in Rift :p I know there's a group of elite players on US2 who've been doing great there from the start, but i think they're only doing Rift for the Weekly reward...
  6. Roak

    New rift basic boss advice (spoiler alert)

    Lucky. On US2 it is very , very hard to get enough people do to a Rift run. It's not unusual for me to spend a full day playing without even finding enough people to go there, and when i do find enough people it always takes like 2 hours (and usually we cant even finish it).
  7. Roak

    New rift basic boss advice (spoiler alert)

    Thank you for the tips,be we're still dying in there. Victories come at a high cost,and in my latest run Undalar certainly couldnt be beaten in 6 minutes..... Your tips are great,but lets remember that this Rift is for lvl 75 players and should (based on Pinbone) be possible to complete in...
  8. Roak

    Lilith,and lighning shield..

    Can we make it so Lilith doesnt have that lighning shield that makes her invulnerable 20% of the time? The difficulty level difference of her without the shield and with the shield is ....well i guess it's 20% harder (estimated percentage).
  9. Roak

    How long does it take for the rare drops for Salts of Sanity? Did I mess it up?

    Since Magic Find became a thing i've been explaining this to people many,many,many times..... Despite telling them that even the Otter confirmed my explanations on how it works, people often dont believe me. It's painful :(
  10. Roak

    Blackfury Gorge....again

    I've stop counting the years at this point. I remember the livestream when the Otters said that they had ''plans'' for that zone ,after emasculating it. Can we have at least an update on what the Otters want to do with that zone?
  11. Roak

    Feeling invisible.

    US2 kinda lost some of the most social and funny people after rules were more seriously enforced there. I personally havent played much since then. Hard to relax and socialise when you have to think twice everytime you say something to make sure ya dont break any rule.
  12. Roak

    Raid seasons ending warnings

    That counter was there since raids became a thing, and was always wrong. After something like a year of being deceived by that counter, the least we can expect from the Otter is for them to say somewhere ''yeah,it is really gonna end at this date''. I love your positivity but every raid season...
  13. Roak

    Raid seasons ending warnings

    Alright, so the current raid season ended (yesterday, from what i've been told). I think it would be useful to have forum post from the devs telling us when it ends as well as a warning in the log in screen. I know there's a counter in the raid screen that says for how long the raids are gonna...
  14. Roak

    Please no 6th rebirth...

    If you want to be competitive ,sure, but i've spend years at level 95 with zero rebirth, and was doing very, very well (even compared with people who did all theirs). Now i've done 3 rebirths, and while they clearly make a difference at low levels, once back at level cap, it really dont change...
  15. Roak

    Swim Gauntlets

    I've always found the swim gauntlets to be overpriced. That said, gauntlets + xinzen is awesome! Much faster than mounts.
  16. Roak

    (Discussion) Analysis of Stats

    I dont really agree with that. With 4 offensive skills, i dont need that much expertise to always have one ready to use. I also like Will and Clarity. When the important stats are high enough, i find it better to have more Will/Clarity than add more points in something that wont give me much...
  17. Roak

    New Rebirthing Idea!

    From my experience, the extra talent points make a difference at first, but at high levels it's less noticable.
  18. Roak

    How does one go about earning COG coins?

    I sell my common supplies, buy rares and hunt for plenties. When i dont find plenties i use uncommon supplies. Also, i use triad pots and herbs. Rare gathering supplies have better chances of finding more supplies, meaning more commons to sell for coins. I think i might have close to 200K COG...
  19. Roak

    Review of Villagers and Heroes (from Josh Strife Hayes)

    When i saw the intro zone in this video my jaw dropped. It wasnt that awesome back in the day.
  20. Roak

    Raid Season 3 Feedback

    So, at Lillith i counted about 12 snowmen around. Aint that a bit much? What we supposed to do about that? I can dodge the snowballs coming from 6 snowmen, but 12 is insane,those guys are literally everywere.