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  1. Lucas Crowalker

    [US3] Guild of Life (to be made)

    I’m thinking of starting a guild called Guild of Life. Basically, each group of players or player would have a company. This could be a gathering company, or a raid helping company, or a bounty boss helper company, but it would work 1 on 1 with clients, and when done, charge money and refer the...
  2. Lucas Crowalker

    Fan Friday Short Story Series: Yes or No?

    Hello! My name is Lucas Crowalker/Akrix, and I'm writing three stories for Fan Friday. They take place one after the other, and continue each other, however I'm wondering if this is allowed. You can also read only one and enjoy, it can even be the middle or the last. I'm planning to submit one...
  3. Lucas Crowalker

    Rate My Shadow Priest Build

    Hello! My name is Akrix and I want to see if my build is good. Endgame Desired Build:,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,15,15,5,10,0,30,40 (last update 4/26/2022 4:37 PM) Current Build (Level 17, Rebirth 1)...
  4. Lucas Crowalker

    Scaling Drops

    Hello! Have you ever gotten a good drop, and then realized its three levels under your level? Well, this suggestion will fix that! Basically, what I'm proposing is a system where drops in a zone are scaled to the player's level if they are in a certain level range (5 levels up, 5 levels down)...
  5. Lucas Crowalker

    Boss Revamp Ideas

    Hello everyone! I have recently had a thought while doing Bellamere Palace Bronze raids: Why don't all Elders(ik some late-game ones do) and some Venerable bosses have unique mechanics, like Red Prince? So, I' making this thread to suggest ways to revamp some bosses to make them more engaging...
  6. Lucas Crowalker

    What Was Anounced in the Livestream?

    Hi. I didn't have time to watch the livestream, so could anyone briefly recap what features/fixes were announced?
  7. Lucas Crowalker

    Event Zone Bosses

    The level-scaled event zone bosses are kind of boring for me, and I was wondering if anyone else is thinking about the following things: It feels too easy for large groups with three or more level 95s. In these, which are most of them, level 95s tank and lower levels: take almost no damage and...
  8. Lucas Crowalker

    Ambient Buffs

    Ambient Buffs, I'm thinking, are buffs you get by doing a specific thing in a specific environment. For example, going near a campfire in a cold-ish place rewards you with an armor buff for 3 minutes. Now, the reason I didn't make Ambient Debuffs as part of this suggestion is because they don't...
  9. Lucas Crowalker

    Shadow Priest Opinion

    I've been taking a break from the game, but I think I'm gonna start playing again on a new toon in US3. I'm thinking about going shadow priest, but I wanna know some people's opinion on it. So, what is your opinion on the shadow priest class?
  10. Lucas Crowalker

    Guard Patrol Quest: XP Scaling

    Hiya, everyone! I was wonderng if the devs could scale the XP from the Guard Patrol repeatable in Ardent City. I was level 61 when I took the below screnshot: 7k XP is NOTHING AT ALL at level 61. It’d be really nice if the XP from Guard Patrol was scaled, I currently dont do that daily, just...
  11. Lucas Crowalker

    Sands of the Equinox Arrival Date?

    Hi! What is the estimated Sands of Equinox arrival date? If there are none then around when did it arrive last year?
  12. Lucas Crowalker

    Who Are The Children Of Mallok That Are Already in the Game?

    I already know Isretta, Valupsa, and Pyrrus, but who are the other Children of Mallok in the game? P.S: Did you know Malik means Lord in Arabic?
  13. Lucas Crowalker

    More Fun Affixes, and Maybe On Normal Bosses?

    Hi! So I was doing Prisma and I realized that time it was more strategic and fun than the others. Then I looked on Prisma’s affixes and saw Thorns. I LOVE the affix thorns just how it is, cause it is hard, but not too hard that you can’t survive unless you have an extra buff or in raids high...
  14. Lucas Crowalker

    Politics of Villagers and Heroes, Taken To Another Level

    I enjoy the village’s mayor voting system, but how about we take this to another level? For example, lets say we have something called The Inter-Realm Council. Every six months you an run for something. Privileges: Start an Event: Allows you to send a message in World Chat(type of message like...
  15. Lucas Crowalker

    Lucas’s Story House

    I love writing stories, and here I shall post some Villagers and Heroes stories I have written. Enjoy!
  16. Lucas Crowalker

    Mythic Legends US1 Official Activity Page

    Welcome to the Mythic Legends US1 Official Activity Page! Here we will be posting about events and other things. If u would like to join the requirements are: 1. You must be active. If you meet the requirement stated above, please send a mail to Lucas Crowalker and I will figure out a time to...
  17. Lucas Crowalker

    The Tower Defense Thingy

    I have been wondering if they could implement some tower defense... Let me tell you what I am suggesting! How about in someplace, a hub, you put a Defense Stone near the portal to event zone. If you click it, you get teleported to The Tower Defense Tower, and then u see green spots all along the...
  18. Lucas Crowalker

    Mobile App Not Connecting

    Hello! I am playing V and H on an IPad Air 3 and the app says “Unable to connect to the login server. Please try again.” This happens repeatedly, and it doesn’t connect! When I check my internet, it says it is connected... I am currently on iPad OS 13.6, and I have deleted and reinstalled the...
  19. Lucas Crowalker

    Add Hero Specialties

    I am REALLY interested in enchants, cause they're permanent and while you're leveling its not affordable to keep spending sockets to make ur defense and attack rating above 4.5. So, how about Hero Specialties? They could be summoning, holemaking, and rune stealing. Summoning Level 1: Enchant -...
  20. Lucas Crowalker

    US1 Daily/Weekly Bandicott Woods 3-Player/6-Player Raids?

    Hello! I was wondering, are there any US1 daily/weekly Bandicott Woods 3-Player or 6-Player raids? Post below if you've heard of one or are organizing one..