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  1. Angelina

    Professions and restrictions

    Tell me, which specializations of professions do you consider good and which are not?I consider weaponsmith and potion masters to be good.Unfortunately, the rest are useless. About restrictions: why does armorsmith have a restriction?Why does the drink have a restriction?Everyone drinks the...
  2. Angelina

    Shadow orbs

    Please fix the bug when shadow orbs are triggered, but do not blow up all the DOTs.The description says that I have a chance to blow up all the dots,and the chance that this damage will be critical.Now shadow orbs work like this:can blow up 1 dot,can 2, can 3 and of course can not blow up...
  3. Angelina

    Global Cooldown.

    How often have you had to kill bounties at an inconvenient time?How often, by killing today, did you plan a rebirth for tomorrow?Have you ever had a person who can help you have the generosity to cooldown?Or today you can play in the evening, and tomorrow in the morning,but the coodown will...
  4. Angelina

    New bug dangeoniring

    Can someone explain this to me?My friend is fine.And I have like thislast screenshot ,its my toon
  5. Angelina

    Fishing with Ebner

    Fix this quest.The first time I did it.The second time I caught a grouper, it was counted as an eel and that's it.It is impossible to pass the quest.
  6. Angelina

    Added RAID buff of dungeoning works incorrectly

    In the update, it is written that if your raid buff level is higher than the passable dungeon, then you get an additional 10 to 50% damage.But the fact is that the range of difficulty for passing has been reduced from 10 to 5.But the game continues to believe that in order to pass the bronze or...
  7. Angelina

    Incorrect increased health of the player in raids

    I noticed that the raid buff level only works to increase damage.And health increases a little.Here are the screenshots.I think that in comparison with the health damage, they give little.Without raid buff 190k health, with buff on 26% 203k health, with buff on 76% 223k health.Maybe I was taught...