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    Compensation for All Players

  2. Xloui

    Following on to the ‘why’ people quit at low level and the upper levels discussion

    Who? What? Why? Oh well. This is not constructive at all. Could be insulting depending on interpretation. Please remember a lot of the players do not have English as first or even second language. I really wish people would say exactly what they mean, instead of leaving others guessing. ❤
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    Following on to the ‘why’ people quit at low level and the upper levels discussion

    The points discussed in this post are really relevant. These are the reasons I quit AS, am on a break playing other games and doing a deep think around V&H. I don’t want to leave permanently, but it may come to that. Do not discard this just because you / somone interpret it as hostile...
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    What are you watching right now?

    I’m watching War in Europe, new tragic series based on old one only thing missing is white persian cat
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    An On Time Christmas Present for the Otters

    🐡X(🐠-🐟)+🦈=😱 😳 🤔 🤣 or is this apples and oranges? My confusion does not reflect on your genius, which is amazing ! All in all I am hugely entertained and slightly more informed than before I read this. (The confusion reduses the information level by some at the moment unplottable factor...
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    Scaling Rift

    Excuse me, sorry, pardon, etc …etc… Could we please focus on the villager side for now? Not push and push and push for more heroing? Heros have got cap increase and Blight zones, raids, harder EZs in the last 2 years. Villagers have got ??? Sorry again, but we are many villagers waiting...
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    Please no 6th rebirth...

    Weeeellll, my question was mostly rhetoric, as there is no way to “win” this game. (As I understand it.) The whole point is to explore this not-real-world for all eternity. The road goes ever on, so to say. Which is why I’m here in the first place. And still galumping around. So for me it’s ok...
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    Please no 6th rebirth...

    But then AS membership is also pay to win ? ❤️
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    Please no 6th rebirth...

    Rebirths are really nice when one is fed up with slow progress, in Traven-area for instance. Problem is in Pyrron, where I really wanted to take a break and do something not medallion related, and see some blue skies, I have to finish the whole “pyrron *&*&* realm”, before taking a rebirth. This...
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    EU1 server population

    @Littlenymph Very good advice. 🙂 Should have it’s own post. This post is “EU1 server population“ I am relatively sure no new players will look for this advice here. ❤️
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    Medals, COG, Charter tokens, Red doubloons.

    If we get a currency page/wallet please don't mix medals and keys into the “money” unless they will be used as money. This because it would really be a big improvement if all currency could be account bound. Keys are “personal”, not fair to share those, besides they should have their own...
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    Level cap raise?

    Level up ranching?? To max ??? Why bother. Ranching is only needed for pelts to make handgrips and for eggs for pies. IMHO. Sorry. In the beginning of my play-career I slaved away at ranching, but after a while I dicovered that it did not really matter what the animals were fed, they leveled...
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    Livestream Schedules!

    On login-screen. At the time comment was written. Checked just now: PDT, UTC, EDT has time, but no CET. Sadly. ❤
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    Livestream Schedules!

    Nice! But time in CET is missing. ❤️
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    (Discussion) Analysis of Stats

    Oook. Whenever this type of discussion/dissertation/dissection gets to approximately this point, I get lost in the game-stats’ equivalent to L-space (discworld). For me one (ONE) number is more than enough, as I cannot spend my entire time in game(s). So I wish from my heart that this time...
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    Gnomish Adventures: Find that Location

    Hi 🙂 You ask for feedback: I don’t do raids. At all. Or dungeons. Or fighting fighting fighting with timer. Apart from that I’ll do almost anything. 😄 I think… ❤️
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    Gnomish Adventures: Find that Location

    Sadly only have time for one this week. I’ll have to save the rest for when I can enjoy them 😄. Once again, thank you Math, and also congratulations on Royal Guardian. ❤
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    Otter visits library, newspaper story

    Wild otter walks into library, police escorts him out after he makes a mess. Real news! 😄
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    Gnomish Adventures: Find that Location

    Another enjoyable tour in the wilderness completed! Still so much fun! 🤩 Thank you Math! ❤
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    Gnomish Adventures: Find that Location

    Here are my tour-photos! While I was there i walked around, so beautiful in the moonlight 😎 had to take another just because ... Again, thank you Math, having so much fun 😄 ❤️