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  1. Antavious

    Rift rewards and progression.

    So here’s the deal with rift as it stands the Boxes award 5-15 M.E each so daily you get 50-150 M.E with realistically 1 extra small box (from pinbone) and 1 big box (weekly quest) a week. The quests are gonna take a wile to do but are justified by the fact that they give exp so are a...
  2. Antavious

    30 min or less

    Is it just me or has all new content recently been based on playing for 30 min or less at a time? Don’t get me wrong it seams to be about right 95 elder run 30 min, raids each 30 min, target for rift 30 min. You know what I would like to see? A single boss that we have to go 30 min or so with it...
  3. Antavious

    My reliquary and what it took to fill it

    This morning I managed to get my last relic I wanted and I just want to share the data with any interest party’s about what it took. So here is my reliquary:- took the whole season to fill it with my preferred relics in total they came from 4 raids (1 from swamp,1 from palace,2 from flooded and...
  4. Antavious

    New rift basic boss advice (spoiler alert)

    these notes were originally ment to be a review for the developers which was asked for by players to use as a guide so I have included the original notes but im also including a separate strategy guide for players. So here are my original notes on each boss:- hears my guide for players also I...
  5. Antavious

    The catacombs: an honest review

    So I think enough time has passed and so it’s time for me to pass judgement on the catacombs and where it stands in the growing stable of raids. to start with the raid has the widest verity of challenge’s to date so it’s tricky comparing it to other raids but I’m still gonna give it a go here...
  6. Antavious

    Raid progression

    So here’s the thing I want to help people with raids but I don’t want to carry them a lot of people don’t seam to be able to gauge where they are correctly when it comes to raids and I want to put this info out there to help people correctly identify how they need to progress and what they need...
  7. Antavious

    Villager’s and hero’s

    So for quite some time (probably since the launch of the game) there has been a general divide between players. I’ve seen this divide identified in a lot of ways strong/weak, dark souls/Minecraft but basically there are those that want good fights(heroes) and those who want a laid back sim kinda...
  8. Antavious

    Soloing the 95 elders

    So these are my victory pics hope you like them
  9. Antavious

    EZ rewards

    I said in several recent threads ”I don’t consider EZ currency a fair reward for the ladder” and the thought occurs to me that if the shops had better/more diverse stuff this wouldn’t be the case, see mounts/outfits/pets are fine but once you find “the one” there kinda moot. I respect that many...
  10. Antavious

    Raids my experience (an honest review I hope a dev reads)

    This is going to be mostly about season 3 which is just winding down but I do want to reflect on raids in general too so to share my perspective first: my general approach: I played for a week then set my self the goal to become as strong as I could for specific lvl thresholds namely the elders...
  11. Antavious

    Mount list changes was an option we were hoping for now essential

    So a little background I started playing in august last year the ez oasis was on and the new thing was mounts that weren’t just vanity with the flying carpets that don’t dismount over water great I think, that’s what I want functional mounts I think. I was so new I was too late for this one but...
  12. Antavious

    Raid entrance requirements

    So as it stands raids can only be restricted by group,party,friend I would like to see more practical restrictions so that platinum lvl players don't spoil a silver run by showing off how they can solo everything or so bronze lvl players don’t try piggybacking of the hard work of gold players a...