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  1. Xii

    Catacomb Relics

    The new season is bad enough with recolored mounts and toys, not to mention all the bugs and lag that have been present and the promise of 3 new relics without delivering still. 2 are missing and those should IMO be added as (voidstrike, mastery, and brutality stats) according to the theme of...
  2. Xii

    Bag Function

    This extra bag is useful if you have full bags and store your items from drops, quests etc, and I wonder if it can be the case for purchased AH items too and have the rest go to mail if this "extra bag or mailbag" gets full. It will be very nice to not have 20 stacks of refined or raw in the...
  3. Xii

    Bless Block

    Casting Bless on a friend can trigger a block that is annoying and has not yet been fixed. If it's cast on priests with block stun talent it can be deadly.
  4. Xii

    Shadow Detonation

    From some testing lately, I have found a bug. Detonation does not as stated in the shadow orbs description (attached) have a chance to detonate all curses on the target as many times I have seen it only detonate 1 or 2 curses. From the description, it clearly states that either you detonate...
  5. Xii

    Raid Groups

    I would suggest that the 3 / 6 and open one become all an option of their own scaling the raid to whatever number of people there are. There are many times you want to run with 1 or maybe 3 other people which is inefficient with the current system. This usually results in most people going solo...
  6. Xii

    Xi's Hybrid Priest

    I have been asked a lot about my hybrid priest builds that I run and I have decided to create a post here so that I can just simply link it whenever someone is asking. For those who are interested to know about my hybrid build here you go. Enjoy...
  7. Xii

    Jump Skill

    If you jump and cast a skill you stop mid-air and land on that spot where you cast your skill but if you move around you can cast without any problems. Should IMO fix so that skill casts do not interrupt mid-air horizontal or vertical movements.
  8. Xii

    Loot System (Raids)

    In no other game have I seen trash loot in terms of gear or other forms of power-ups drop at the highest levels. Not only do rare and epic relics drop in the highest heroics but also uncommon gear. I don't know which one is worse tbh. It's not enough of an RNG luck to get an epic drop or legend...
  9. Xii

    Buff/Dmg UI

    The buff section of the game is very small and it's hard to tell when something is on or off like flux or berserk or if for example, voidstrike has procced. They are all small squares and get random positions in between all buffs which makes it very tricky to keep an eye on, as you have to...
  10. Xii

    Wrong Stat Increase

    Just came across something while fixing some holy power on my hybrid build that made me understand why I was getting no crit chance from increased holy power at the rate I calculated. As you can see in the attached image "Holy1" it is stated that 20% of Holy Power is added to Crit Chance, but...
  11. Xii

    Celestial relics removed from game?

    Seems as if the celestials are removed from the game since the last bug fix patch? Have not seen a single one after 200 runs and the same when I ask others. Yet got 4 in 1 day prior to patch and 2 in row even.
  12. Xii

    What went wrong?

    After a long time of waiting to be able to do some raids and many promises with bug fixes and glitches, I am very surprised that many of the basic aspects of the raids that are not new at all and worked very well are now broken. Zell stuck in the air or vanished on silver and up, the group...
  13. Xii

    Talent Respec Costs

    The cost of changing your talents is 50gold at level 95 and is in my opinion a useless cost. It does not only limit players at max level to bounce around different builds according to the situation they are in or like to play at the moment but also hurt new players' possibility to explore and...
  14. Xii

    High Heroic Give Rare!

    Why do high heroic levels give rare relics and even more than lower-level heroics? At some point should you not be getting just epics then legend and finally celestials? Why make it RNG? Just use simple logic by adding some rewards for players and make them want to climb the heroic ladder...
  15. Xii

    Spell Delay!

    Why can't you guys fix the skill delay that is sooo annoying. Every new combat or after leaving combat or when you die you get skill delays for 2 or 3 sec. Even when entering combat you can get it and mobs still will damage you. The skill is locked in like its being used but nothing happens...
  16. Xii

    Casandralia / Bee-Bog-Brute

    The NPC gives/takes 1c instead of 1g which it says in the description.
  17. Xii

    Dungoneering - Bugged?

    I get more hp and damage in bronze than in heroic which kinda is the opposite of what it should be? Should get increased hp and spell power in higher-end raids it says? Bronze: Heroic 33: Also, removing the cap on dungoneering for heroic raids would make it useful to be able to go further...
  18. Xii

    Shielding - (Change Suggestion)

    Shielding is at this moment one of the if not the most useless "Epic Stat" in the game. Having to exit combat for 5 seconds to proc it makes chain killing (which happens especially during raiding) mobs for flow of gameplay a strategy that renders this "Epic Stat" totally useless. Now with relics...
  19. Xii

    Crafting Event - Ardent City

    I just wanted to share some info on how to hold CE in Ardent City. As we all know, having vaults, NPCs, and AH so close is very nice. All the crafts are covered if the host or person who used crystal stands in the exact spot I have pointed out in the image below. All cooking and smithing...
  20. Xii

    Brutal Force - Trinket

    The duration of the next 3 attacks that are guaranteed critical hits should be the whole duration of 20 sec or until 3 attacks are used. Currently, this portion of the buff is very brief thus making it almost impossible to get off a well-coordinated sequence. Please reconsider adding this...