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  1. Sinjin

    Gnomish Jump Slippers Question

    You don’t have to can’t gnoment for appearances anymore. Just equip them to apply the rune to your character and add the boots to your character’s wardrobe.
  2. Sinjin

    What's the order of "Rebirth"?

    Not quite as practically-no-effort, but the leveling rate really increases when you add just 30 bounties/day :)
  3. Sinjin

    What's the order of "Rebirth"?

    Um, not exactly. Rebirthing at 45 and 60 give a boost because you can get extra days worth of medallions; you don’t wait for resets.
  4. Sinjin

    Patch Notes Servers Down Monday, August 1 for Small Patch

    And there was much rejoicing throughout the land!
  5. Sinjin

    Your experience with epic stat Lifesteal

    While a fixed percentage proc rate may seem to average out over time, it doesn’t converge as much as you’d think. The reasons have to do with: - the percentage of fights that are too short (where zero cooldowns permit brutal alpha and ‘builders’ like flux/berzerk/glory are not yet/fully applied)...
  6. Sinjin

    Your experience with epic stat Lifesteal

    Lifesteal only gives big heals for big hits, so if you’re a class with nickel-and-dime hits (faster feats, with shorter cooldown) then you’re not going to see (or more likely, not notice) the relatively small heals. You’ll definitely notice it on earth shards or shadow detonations, but the...
  7. Sinjin

    Your experience with epic stat Lifesteal

    I wouldn’t be sleeping on Flux. Poise is conditional, but flux is as good 3 mins into a fight as it is 30 seconds in.
  8. Sinjin

    Your experience with epic stat Lifesteal

    It’s almost useful, as a tertiary stat, if you’re playing a class that gets a bonus to lifesteal OR if you’re rocking a healing dram. Otherwise, you’re better off with ‘almost anything else’. I’ve seen a fire wizard tank ladders without a healer, using pots and lifesteal… but it’s too sketchy...
  9. Sinjin

    Why new contents must come with lvl cap raising?

    Content item #1 Rebirth no longer resets a player’s faction.
  10. Sinjin

    Mobile Knowledge Book feedback

    Speaking about this from the other direction (which feature do you most miss on mobil), my personal thoughts are: 1) the ability to stand at the vault and identify what I’ll need at the crafting station(s) so that I don’t have to run back and forth (as much), and 2) the ability to see...
  11. Sinjin

    PC Trading is not like Mobile!!

    What we have is a broken notification system that hides trade requests on mobil. That’s nothing to brag about. That mobil‘s email features are so immutably stuck at the ‘minimally viable product’ stage at this point is witness to how little effort has been made to do something as...
  12. Sinjin

    Make more builds availeble for characters!

    This is a problem, but it’s not a problem that is felt equally by all classes. Some classes can only perform one role, and wouldn’t benefit as much. (e.g. a fire wiz is always gonna be <some kind of> DPSthey don’t have to switch gear and/or talents to change their role) Now, Priests can be DPS...
  13. Sinjin

    Fan Friday Fan Friday June 24 - July 1

    Anything with minions gets my vote :) Congratulations all.
  14. Sinjin

    Wrong combat sounds when playing hunter

    Did you know that some players have procs that fire when they’re hit? Snares. Oh, and that blasting thing. Bulwark. Alla stuffs going on, some of it has a certain ‘swish’ to it. The one sound I never could figure out was the “harp chime”. Seemed totally random, till I found out it was someone...
  15. Sinjin

    Balancing all Classes speed boosts Skills like Charge, and Blazing Speed!!!

    1) You assume the classes are meant to be balanced. There is considerable evidence that this is mere myth, and little evidence to support such the claim. 2) Speed Stacks (and if it’s provided by a feat, it is affected by mastery, so it’s not just 10%). So, your Dash + Shaman speed + fleet =...
  16. Sinjin

    Warriors hate casting time

    Just look at the casting bar like it’s a rage accumulator that works really, really fast…
  17. Sinjin

    Mail to guild

    I’m inclined to agree with you, to a point; add too much to the mobil client, it’ll get too large to be supported by some of the oldest devices. That said, the bloat from adding a checkbox is arguably pretty negligible and there has to be some middle ground. Also, the code necessary to implement...
  18. Sinjin

    Twilight Vale /showboss not working correctly?

    Wow, PC gets a lot more information from /consider. Mobil, we only get the mob’s name, level, and health.
  19. Sinjin

    Mail to guild

    They patched the PC version to add features (specifically: they added auto-complete, and not ‘mail-to-village’ in 4.28.x on PC only, and then patched it again in 4.52 for PC only). My memory is a bit sketchy about which features were added/upgraded/patched to the PC client I rarely use, but...
  20. Sinjin

    Mail to guild

    Technically, you can email to guild on mobile today (if all of the recipient names are small enough to fit, and you type them all perfectly, without any typos, because you aren’t going to be able to select the text to correct), or you could log into the PC client and, um, check a box. It used...