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  1. FrylockOG

    Become a Villagers & Heroes Influencer

    progress so far not bad for ~1 week so far
  2. FrylockOG

    Become a Villagers & Heroes Influencer

    I got accepted through Xsolla, I will start live streaming the game on Twitch and see how it goes
  3. FrylockOG

    4.28 - A Tale Of Earth And Sea

    I also will be withdrawing any form of financial support going forward until a real dialogue can happen with the developers about the current state of the game changing mechanics, and increase gold and crown costs. I don't think enough value has been added when you look at all the nerfs as a...
  4. FrylockOG


    By 95 cents. Because you would need crowns to by them you aren't saving anything, you end up spending more because they don't have a 99 cent crown pack the cheapest one is $4.99 Your logic is a bit off. I lost some perks and to get the lost perks back I would need to spend almost $4 more which...
  5. FrylockOG

    Where are the shields?

    I see my shield on my Android.. might be an issue on your end? I see others wearing them also
  6. FrylockOG

    POLL : Water Shaman - How do you feel ?

    Water has rainbows...healing rain
  7. FrylockOG

    Can't seem to be able to cancel Ardent Society renewal.

    If through Google play store you need to go to subscriptions on the menu bar and cancel it there. You can't cancel from inside the game For iOS I have no idea For PC I also have no idea
  8. FrylockOG

    Voice Chat

    I would say use Discord, or TeamSpeak...both have mobile clients as well. The thing about in-game communications for voice is that's more bandwidth the Otters would be using and more overhead in a game that still struggles with lag anytime an event zone is active.
  9. FrylockOG


    That doesn't change the fact lowering it doesn't prevent from more being spent for the same thing combined. Or any of the other issues I mentioned.
  10. FrylockOG


    They took the sockets from ardent membership away also. They really went crazy with taking from us for more money to be spent. Crown store outfits per character now not account we can possibly find one we really like and want for all our characters and have to buy it multiple times.
  11. FrylockOG


    It's like old event zone messing up stuff again. Gathering lag, combat lag...and they want more money out of us for the reoccurring issues...lose house bonuses, that's told that was spent or crowns they just ripped away. Outfit appearance for only the character you use it on and not...
  12. FrylockOG

    New Royal Guardians!

  13. FrylockOG

    4.28 - A Tale Of Earth And Sea

    Ivar said in discord the closest timeframe they can give us is "Today"
  14. FrylockOG

    IMPORTANT! - Known Issues When Servers Go Live

    I had quite a few slots in my vault that used to be full now empty. Also on Android client the /help and the crown store windows appear to have css issues they have <handle="NAME"> where name is a heading title like costumes etc