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  1. Damon Otter

    Lag Fixed!

    Hey Everyone, To be more accurate, we should say: The lag that was recently introduced into the game has been fixed! In large groups, you will still see lag, but the severe lag that suddenly appeared with Monday's build has now been eliminated. Best, Damon
  2. Damon Otter

    Patch Notes Patch 4.76.1 Coming to Live Tonight, Friday

    Patch 4.76.1 We Apologize for all the Bugs in the last build, especially players getting stuck and being unable to enter underground areas. This build fixes that bug, along with a few others. Bug Fixes - All of the following have been fixed Players get stuck when they enter underground areas...
  3. Damon Otter

    Patch Notes Patch 4.75.1

    Hi, Everyone, We will be bringing the servers down within the next few hours to push an improvement patch to live. Servers will be down for about thirty minutes. As always, we will provide a fifteen minute in-game warning just prior to bringing them down. Thanks for your patience during that...
  4. Damon Otter

    Event Zone Boss Spawn Notifications Question

    Please let us know how you feel about this possible change.
  5. Damon Otter

    Mana Potion Proposal 3.0

    Hi, Here's the current design proposal: Mana Potions will no longer have a level restriction that prevents lower level players from using them. When someone’s level is the same as the mana potion, or below, then the mana potion in all cases will restore: 1000 mana over 10 seconds in combat...
  6. Damon Otter

    Mana Changes Proposal 2.0

    Hi, The last Mana Changes Thread had grown to 12 pages. I've started a new one. Please consider this revised proposal: Mana Design We will add a level 3 recipe called “Mana Oil”, made from Blueberry + Water. All Mana Potions above level 3 will require “Mana Oil” + the current ingredients...
  7. Damon Otter

    Actual Stat Values or Pool Values?

    Hi Everyone, Yes, we do want to know what you think! We did this poll back in January, but since then we made some improvements, possibly changing the opinion of some players. We have given the new system sufficient time, so the test seems fair now. Please let us know which system you prefer-...
  8. Damon Otter

    Mana Changes Proposal

    Hi, We want better gameplay around mana and mana regeneration. We're thinking about moving more of the reliance of mana regeneration from mana potions to gear and talents, but still want to keep mana potions as a viable source of mana for those that want to craft or get them via the Auction...
  9. Damon Otter

    Temporary Playbalance Fix for Raids

    Hi Everyone :) As you probably know, we introduced a bug with the last patch that capped Dungeoneering benefits at level 30 (instead of level 50), which can lead to a 20% reduction in benefits. We will push a fix for that with the next week or two, however, in the meantime: We pushed a...
  10. Damon Otter

    Proposed Mana Changes

    Hi, We're aware that some improvements should be made in regards to Mana and Mana potions. Proposed Mana Design Changes All mana potions are now mana-over-time so that there is never a reason to spam consume them. Crafted Mana Potions (Minor Mana Potion, Lesser Mana Potion, Mana Potion...
  11. Damon Otter

    Known Issues

    Hi, I have a quick update on the latest build. We know that: 1. The Friends List has some display issues, and some loss of functionality. We have it fixed now, but you won't see this fix until we push a new build to live. 2. Raids are currently capping Dungeoneering benefits at level 30. This...
  12. Damon Otter

    Mulgrew Swamps Frame Rate is SLOW

    Hi, Some players report that gameplay is sluggish/slow when doing Mulgrew Swamps. We can't reproduce this bug. That's not surprising because frame rates vary a lot based on the many differences in graphics cards. If you are having this problem, please send us a bug report, and let us know...
  13. Damon Otter

    Patch 4.54.1 - Known Issues

    Hi Everyone, Just a quick update so that you know what we're fixing, and are aware of. All of the following should be fixed in the next build we put out- either late this week, or early next week: Digits missing from Stats and other quantities in Tool-Tips and other screens Raid Rewards for...
  14. Damon Otter

    New Raid Structure: Playbalance

    Hi Everyone, The Raid Structure has been simplified and improved. In the course of this, the playbalance will have likely changed. Please let us know if each of the current Tiers, Bronze, Silver, etc., are too challenging or too easy. We can adjust them. Also, the new system relies on...
  15. Damon Otter

    15-Player Raid Balance

    Hi, We just made 15-player raids a bit easier. Enemy health has been reduced by 20%, and enemy damage reduced by 10%. Best, Damon
  16. Damon Otter

    Actual Stats or Pool Values: Player Poll!

    Hi Everyone, We want to know which system you prefer- the new stat system where we show the actual effective stat values, or the old system we had a couple of months ago that shows instead the absolute pool values (intellect, willpower, etc.). Please let us know! Thanks, Otters
  17. Damon Otter

    Crafted Mana Potions

    Hi, There are cooking recipes to make mana potions. These are Minor Mana Potion, Lesser Mana Potion, and so on. Most players are only making the level 3 version of these- the Minor Mana Potion that uses blueberries since it provides benefits nearly as good as the top level versions of this...
  18. Damon Otter

    Raid Balance: 6-player and 15-player

    Hi, We made a small change to larger group Raids just now: 6-player Raids are a bit easier- enemies do about 10% less damage now than before this fix 15-player Raids are a bit easier- enemies do about 20% less damage now than before this fix Best, Damon
  19. Damon Otter

    Stats 2.0 - Upcoming Changes in January (probably)

    Hi Everyone! Tomorrow there will be a new build live, and you will see some changes to how Stats work (see patch notes for details). However, we had some valuable feedback from the Test community, and we want to make further changes and improvements, probably going live sometime in January. I...
  20. Damon Otter

    Contest: Video Clips!

    Hi Everyone! We're in the process of creating video ads. The first one we want to make is one where a character is moving through the game world on a horse or other mount, and observing some of the most beautiful/intriguing/interesting parts of the game: for example, on a flying carpet over the...