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  1. Raphael Lenglet


    Make caliphs with some kind of 2 minutes immunity after respawn this year, it will prevent lot of frustration and drama in ez ... some ppl using camping at their spawn and kill them as soon as they spawn with no give change for others to catch them
  2. Raphael Lenglet

    How are raids supposed to be done solo ?

    I am level 42 holy priest with full upgraded gear ... using million of mana potions and boosters and drams... i can't complete level 4 rookery at all and even no have idea how other 2 raids looking ... how you meant this can be done solo ? beause it seems like only level capped players can do...
  3. Raphael Lenglet

    What's the point of raids ?

    Can someone explain what i am missing ? Something that seemed very interesting at first its total dissapointment .. what is the point of use tons of ressurects and heal and mana potionś for the crap reward of xp and silver ?
  4. Raphael Lenglet

    Can you return old vendor system ?

    What the hell you did to vendors ? i dont play much since no time for it but ysterday i tried to sell some stuff and i noticed shift+sell no works .... please return it back bcs this makes me so nervous and i sold about 140+ herbs from my quickbar accidentaly....
  5. Raphael Lenglet

    Nonstop event zone

    What about adding event zone that will last for whole year, but it will be more solo content than group... For example, there will be mobs and bosses around this zone and playing for group or solo will be optional(bosses and mobs will passive and have extra short cooldown for prevent...
  6. Raphael Lenglet

    Easter eggs suggestion

    As there is no event zone where we can earn cosmetic stuff, what about beside of goodies, add special item to eggs as rare drop and after combine 100 pieces of this item players will create special outfit or special mount ?
  7. Raphael Lenglet

    What happend to luckinium ?

    I haven't use luckinium for about year ... today i got some from quest and i used it to farm some zogs and what a surprise.. almost all my drops was like this ...description says we get enormous amout of loot while i got only silver or one pelt or one essence or even some mobs dropped nothing...
  8. Raphael Lenglet

    Sugarsweet summit this year

    Please return back 6 big bosses and make sugarsweet fun again... other zingara can be make to normal bounties same as in vale or equinox, but event where everyone can kill solo its not as much fan as if we fight against big bosses as group (and i hope you will not skip this event again, it's my...
  9. Raphael Lenglet

    Grinchta's Lights

    Does anyone else having that issue or what is wrong with this ? Since Grinchta is on 50% of his life and lights appear on the floor, my screen became instantly frozen and i no have chance to move or revive or use ressurects until he is dead, i only complete him when i am lucky and red light...
  10. Raphael Lenglet

    Some event and crowns suggestions

    What about making the items we get from bounties tradeable for event currency? For example personally i dont use those boosts as it was in moors that transform us to mobs and works only in event zone and it was only lying in my bags because i was lazy to trash it after every run ... even one...
  11. Raphael Lenglet

    Can't preview boots part in item shop because of this

    And also why we can't anymore preview different parts of gear that we wear with the ones in item shop to match colors and such ?
  12. Raphael Lenglet

    Condemn after last patch

    Since last patch the ability from condemn that allow us pull single enemy from group was removed and i no see any priests to use it anymore ... Soo what about to replace it with any useful feat ?
  13. Raphael Lenglet

    Attune to water

    When i use this ultimate, it says all earth spells now cost 200% more mana, but it applies on all my water spells and they all costs much more mana, it's bug or it should be like this ?
  14. Raphael Lenglet

    Weapon gnogpacks

    Hello guys, can you post some pictures of weapons you own and that are available in game in this thread ? For all classes I look for specific ones like (mace? or staff?) with heart on it, or some others but can't remember from which events they are