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  1. Damon Otter

    Game Stops Responding on Zoning

    Thanks, everyone! We are now able to reproduce this bug ourselves, so thank you for offering to help. It looks like we can handle the testing internally (for now). We now know generally where the bug is coming from (gfx texture mem), but now we need to figure out why it's happening now, and...
  2. Damon Otter

    Game Stops Responding on Zoning

    Thanks for trying. :) Since you aren't getting the bug, it won't be useful for you to test with our patch.
  3. Damon Otter

    Game Stops Responding on Zoning

    Hey Everyone, For those of you who are experiencing this bug, does it happen at least once a day for you? Two of us are working full-time on fixing this bug. We are creating a new PC/SAC build that has some stuff to help us diagnose the bug. It doesn't have a fix for the bug- but it will...
  4. Damon Otter

    SAC install since last update...

    Thank you for sending the screenshot! That's useful. TLDR; The best solution is what you suspected: just uninstall the game, and reinstall it from scratch. That will bypass the entire patch process, and you won't be downloading the patch file which appears to be the problem. I apologize for...
  5. Damon Otter

    missing parts!!!!

    Hi, As I read all the posts above, I don't see anyone blaming the player who reported this. I mostly see players posting when this bug occurs, and explaining why this bug has been hard to fix. To be clear, I appreciate Drakz letting us know how much this bug is bugging him. We are now adding...
  6. Damon Otter

    missing parts!!!!

    Hi Everyone, I would love to get this bug fixed! The reason we're asking for reproduction steps is that it makes it easier to fix a bug. If there are a set of steps, that when followed, make a bug occur 100% of the time- that's a great help. If it's something that happens often, but not...
  7. Damon Otter

    Patch Notes Servers Down Monday, June 20th for Twilight Vale and New Rift!

    Hi Everyone, Thanks for all the feedback! About the new Rift: please continue to let us know what you think. It is a newborn baby--this is only day 3--and we are already making improvements as I write this-- so it will take some time to mature and grow. Some notes: When it launched, Lag was...
  8. Damon Otter

    Lag Fixed!

    Hey Everyone, To be more accurate, we should say: The lag that was recently introduced into the game has been fixed! In large groups, you will still see lag, but the severe lag that suddenly appeared with Monday's build has now been eliminated. Best, Damon
  9. Damon Otter

    Lag in New Vale/Rift Build

    Hey Everyone We plan to push a build LIVE on June 22 to reduce the newly introduced lag. This will be a "server-only build" so it should be quick to push it (and you won't have to update to a new client). Thanks! Damon p.s. By the way, this was a bit of a reverse-heisenbug: the new lag was...
  10. Damon Otter

    GAME ISSUES Friday, May 27th

    Hi, For those interested in the technical details behind this mistake, here they are. When we push a "server-only build", we are merely updating the software that runs on the game servers in the data center. Server-only builds: 1. do not require an update of the game software that runs on each...
  11. Damon Otter

    GAME ISSUES Friday, May 27th

    Hi Slaybelle, Thanks for the feedback- I agree that it's our job to work with the release cycles that Apple has in place. I do want to clarify, however, that we did not know that Apple users were going to be left behind. We did not expect that the build we pushed would require that we release...
  12. Damon Otter

    GAME ISSUES Friday, May 27th

    Hi Everyone, I want to apologize to everyone for the down time everyone experienced yesterday- and an even bigger apology to iOS Players who still cannot play as I write this. We have the fix ready to go, and we're just waiting for approval for it to go live. This was my fault. I'm...
  13. Damon Otter

    Patch Notes Patch 4.76.1 Coming to Live Tonight, Friday

    Patch 4.76.1 We Apologize for all the Bugs in the last build, especially players getting stuck and being unable to enter underground areas. This build fixes that bug, along with a few others. Bug Fixes - All of the following have been fixed Players get stuck when they enter underground areas...
  14. Damon Otter

    Patch Notes Patch 4.75.1

    The iOS build was released to testers 6 days ago. Here's the build metadata pulled directly from AppStore Connect: 4.75 (0.2204201923) General Information App NameVillagers & Heroes Binary StateValidated Bundle Short Version String4.75 Upload DateApr 21, 2022 at 9:47 AM We also released...
  15. Damon Otter

    Patch Notes Patch 4.75.1

    The latest version of this build for all platforms was released yesterday. However, this first version of this build was put on Test last week. Since then we have put out two or three updates to fix all the reported bugs. The bugs that are on live now have been in this build, but were hard to...
  16. Damon Otter

    Patch Notes Patch 4.75.1

    Hi, Everyone, We will be bringing the servers down within the next few hours to push an improvement patch to live. Servers will be down for about thirty minutes. As always, we will provide a fifteen minute in-game warning just prior to bringing them down. Thanks for your patience during that...
  17. Damon Otter

    A New Addition to Our Otter Team

    Hey Everyone, I'd like to publicly welcome V to the Mad Otter team. :) I can tell you that he has already made great contributions to the game in the short space of time that he's been working on the game- more than I imagined or expected. I'm confident this will be a win-win-win! Good for...
  18. Damon Otter

    More Optimal Stat Calculation

    @Math Fish Nice! It's need to see the game reverse-engineered. Sometime I should post some code snippets from the game to show how the game has implemented the diminishing returns-- but I'll bet it matches your formula regardless. @Tenzor I don't disagree with you about diminishing returns...
  19. Damon Otter

    Grinchta 2021 Feedback

    Hey Everyone, We are always endeavoring to make event zones more interesting. I realize often it's two steps forward and one step backwards; and occasionally three steps backwards, but that's not intentional. Above all else, we want the game to be lots of fun. That's what matters most. I...
  20. Damon Otter

    Event Zone Boss Spawn Notifications Question

    All of your suggestions are excellent-- I especially like the idea to have an EZ board listing respawn times-- but they all take more time to implement. The poll suggestion however is super easy to do.