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  1. Roak

    Lilith,and lighning shield..

    Can we make it so Lilith doesnt have that lighning shield that makes her invulnerable 20% of the time? The difficulty level difference of her without the shield and with the shield is ....well i guess it's 20% harder (estimated percentage).
  2. Roak

    Blackfury Gorge....again

    I've stop counting the years at this point. I remember the livestream when the Otters said that they had ''plans'' for that zone ,after emasculating it. Can we have at least an update on what the Otters want to do with that zone?
  3. Roak

    Raid seasons ending warnings

    Alright, so the current raid season ended (yesterday, from what i've been told). I think it would be useful to have forum post from the devs telling us when it ends as well as a warning in the log in screen. I know there's a counter in the raid screen that says for how long the raids are gonna...
  4. Roak

    Mounts perks

    I love that we finaly have mounts with special abilities,but right now that creates a new problem. So far,we got flying carpets and brooms that can fly over water, bunny mounts that can jump higher,and the Mallok's Wind who's the fastest mount around.The issue i have is that i am not very...
  5. Roak

    AS add

    Can devs make it so that when we have the big Ardent Society add in our face that,when we click to close that window,it doesnt bring us to the Shop? I mean,we dont close it to buy it,duh. x_X
  6. Roak

    Scale of Clorian

    Could you make those stackable and tradable? I almost have 20 of those and they're eating up valuable vault space.I'd love to just throw them away,but since reputations in the Blighted zones reset after rebirth i feel like i have no choice but to keep them : /
  7. Roak

    Ravelle little friends

    Keey and Pess,what do they actually do? I know they make fighting Ravelle much harder ( me and 2 team mates all died about 4 times each), and i'd like to come up with a strategy but it's hard without knowing what those little two does (i think one stuns everybody?).
  8. Roak

    Roak Raid Recommendations

    1:Raids should start with two starting zones,not one. 2: Rookery is a good zone for new players,it is straight and simple,but the fight against Lillith is high level stuff.Lillith is the kind of boss battle one would expect once at the top of the pyramid. 3:Too much stuns in Palace.Not as bad as...
  9. Roak

    Raids and Ducats

    10 ducats for dailies and 100 for weeklies,that's good.However,this create a system where when people are done their weekly/daily they have no reason to do anything. If,instead of the current system,we had something that would reward a random amount of ducats for every raid,i think a LOT more...
  10. Roak

    Raid: Lillith,again...

    Could devs remove the adds that can slow us down,like the ice wizards,at Lilith? They slow the tank down,so the tank cannot dodge Lilith aoes,thus cannot pull lilith ,thus gets everyone killed,just because of a little,stupid,anoying ice wiz... Even with a Liberty dram the timing is pretty tight...
  11. Roak

    It've been many years for the Gorge..

    Probably not the best time to ask for it,but i remember that when BlackFury Gorge was ''removed'' the Otters said that they had future plans for that zone. Well,what are those plans?We're years later.Many years.
  12. Roak

    V&H and old people!

    Old people! In video games those seem to be defined to be under the 24 years old bracket (at best),for the gaming industry the perfect target are those in their 30s. Where am i aiming at with this?That V&H is special.I'm speaking from a US2 point of view,but from what i've seen here,V&H is a...
  13. Roak

    Raids interrompus and more

    Raids are in beta,which is understandable,but now we cannot even go in and play them.This is sad,since when Raids were added we lost our old Dungeons at the same time. As a years long player,this is a new pattern for me: the Otters adding something (or planning to add something) and removing...
  14. Roak

    Rally and poise

    Rally boost friends hp by 15% ,and Poise give increased Ability power when hp is above 95%. Since the 15% hp isnt filled,the affected player are then under the 95% hp requirment to get their Ability boost from Poise,right? I often use Rally and wonder if i'm really helping my team or putting...
  15. Roak

    Dungeons vs Raids

    Raids seems to fix many of the problems we had with Dungeons,but unlike Dungeons,they arent that much popular. Is it because of the low rewards? The solo/3/6 limitations?Idk. Personally, i think that if we could have the Relics buffs outside of Raids,that'd be a good motivation of doing...
  16. Roak


    Ah,Jacintha....a level 95 Elder,who's challenging,for sure,like all of them,but there is a problem with that fair Lady. When she teleports around,when her hp is low.....she does it way too often. I like the idea of finding the ''real'' one,but when i'm not even given enought time to actually...
  17. Roak

    Buy Back

    So,i accidentally sold 3 companions and one toy for Doubloons. That's thousands of golds down the drain (years of work). Can we have a buyback option? And by buyback option i dont just mean for Doubloons items,but for everything. We play the game to relax and have fun,not be stressed when we...
  18. Roak

    Red Cloister time on key halves

    I'm not too sure what is the point of that.... It doesnt make sense in-universe that those key halves would just melt away after 4 or 5 minutes,and it's not fun at all that,having to run against the clock for some mysterious reason to complete the Dungeon (which isnt explained why),that we also...
  19. Roak

    Dungeons DC

    Could you Otters make it so that when we dced in Dungeon we can log back and appear at our original location instead of telepad? Took me one day to get that Red Cloister run on the go and I got nothing from it cause I dced while fighting the last boss... And speaking of dungeons,it's been very...
  20. Roak

    Red Cloister key

    I'm sorry,but it looks like those key halves are too much of a problem.When it takes an hour to get people to run the dungeons and we have to reset everything once or TWICE because people just grab the dang half key despite being told to NOT grab any green drop is just too much of a pain and...