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  1. Firebird

    Game Stops Responding on Zoning

    Unfortunately I can't install files but this happens several times a day for me. If I play for half a day it happens between 6-8 times on average.
  2. Firebird

    Game Stops Responding on Zoning

    Both, also when changing toons. All three have happened for me.
  3. Firebird

    Game Stops Responding on Zoning

    Yes when zoning or changing toons the game often shuts down. I know of another who is having the same happen. It is difficult to find the reason as it mostly happens but not always . I bug report it in the hope a solution can be found.
  4. Firebird

    Patch Notes Servers Down Monday, August 1 for Small Patch

    Mine are missing also, 3 from main and one from alt. Also reported.
  5. Firebird

    Why new contents must come with lvl cap raising?

    Lol I can remember that Link and the chickens!!! hit them and they get their revenge !!!
  6. Firebird

    missing parts!!!!

    Still happens to me often, there's nothing like doing Emp. ladder with just my weapon showing!
  7. Firebird

    Level 75 - 85 Content Suggestions

    Did you go to Lady's Lake to talk to the npc near the portal to Memorial Pond? That will send you to the boatman to the Rye to start the quests onwards to Pools etc.
  8. Firebird

    Why am I so blue?

    I've had this happen also!
  9. Firebird

    Doorway to Icarus in Catacombs

    Getting stuck as we enter Icarus room. Dying and returning still getting stuck, can't move off the spot. Rez doesn't work either.
  10. Firebird

    Please don't make Will,Clarity and Intellect meaningless any more!

    This is so true, even during many rb's I use very few mana pots on normal bounties. I doubt many do use a lot. I do use about 40 on a 95 elder run sometimes less. Raids are mana eaters for my wiz and shadow. If I solo raids I need fast dps to survive, so I do rely on crafted instant mana...
  11. Firebird

    Patch Notes Patch 4.75.1

    Sailors end hideout now accessible
  12. Firebird

    Lost Sapphira’s necklace :(

    If you got the tp stone in solar and the ones in the other 75 elder zones you can use them to port to solar. If not contact support, I'm sure they will replace it.
  13. Firebird

    Inspect someone's gear

    As long as you had the option to turn it off if you didn't want to be inspected.
  14. Firebird

    Mana Questionnaire

    Reading all the posts that show how a build and play style can alter mana consumption, I like the fact we have these choices. I would hate my play style to be restricted by mana changes but realise lvl 3 mana pot spamming is not ideal. Are higher lvl mana pots that provide more regen and...
  15. Firebird

    Mana Questionnaire

    My wiz uses a fair amount of mana pots in raids and 95's. Not in normal bounty runs. Solo raids use more. I have no points in the mana talent. I am happy with this , I use alts to farm blueberries and make the pots, and have no issues with using them. My hunter uses few mana pots , more in...
  16. Firebird

    Joth'tech is Unkillable in Solo Heroics [Now with Pictures]

    If he had massive I restarted, I had no chance with that.
  17. Firebird

    Purple outfit of the shattering

    I remember this from another server years ago. It was from the vim tokens iirc. I would love something similar to match the camel and flair this season. I don't expect the identical outfit as that was a unique one off, but some outfit in purple would be great.
  18. Firebird

    Screen turns purple

    bug reported, happens to me also.
  19. Firebird

    Sound in Thames chamber...

    The devs know and hopefully will fix it in next patch. It is really loud and I am unable to turn it down in settings.