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  1. Schlarbie

    Blight Motes

    There has always needed to be waaaay more motes available in the blight zones. If you're unlucky with timing, you'll run an entire zone without getting a single one, and that is truly terrible because they aren't an occasional treat, they are a required ingredient. One will make a single...
  2. Schlarbie

    List any PC features missing from mobile here!

    Please let us drag stuff from our bag to sell at the vendor instead of wild guessing from the list.
  3. Schlarbie

    Twilight Vale Departure

    Edit: I am so relieved to say that I was on much of the east coast evening and saw no broken hearts about vale's abrupt departure, hooray!! ================= When ever someone asked world chat when it is leaving, seasoned players assured them that we'd get a 5-7 day heads up. Too, if someone...
  4. Schlarbie

    Mobile: Double-Tap to Jump: Yes or No?

    Yayayayayay thank you for bringing back the double tap jump! And I appreciate the cog access fix too-excellent logic 🤣👍👏!
  5. Schlarbie

    Raids Season 2

    I really appreciate how the drops improved with this season's final tweak, bravo and thank you! I do remain sad that the upon completion soulbound gear is the wrong sub every. Single. Time. My mastery is 100% Nature yet I am "rewarded" with MM gear. The system sees that I am a hunter, please...
  6. Schlarbie

    Sugarsweet Boss Health Update

    Chiming in to agree that nothing good comes out of the doubled the boss health. And the zingaras spawn every 20 minutes so I believe their health is just fine as is. This year's teleporter is a nice addition!
  7. Schlarbie

    Patch 4.54.1 - Known Issues

    Please undo the scrolling group on mobile, it is terrible and the old version was much better. I love the new raid drops except they drop my initial subclass, which I haven't played in almost three years...please adjust these so they drop my actual subclass! Thank you.
  8. Schlarbie

    Suggestions for 2021 'Quality of Life Build'

    Hello and thank you for inviting our input! I picture you with a giant spreadsheet and marker, tallying our votes 🤣 Please... 1. More quick slots on mobile 2. Give me a way to earn/buy/build a back door 3. Improve mail ui so you can see a paragraph ish instead of just a few words 4. Update...
  9. Schlarbie

    Dungeoneering problem

    Someone else was talking about this and I didn't follow until King broke it down. This is the pits, why is it set up this way? On a positive note, thank you for today's raid changes...lots more public raids, interest, positive buzz, successes and feelings of achievement for the bronze crowd!
  10. Schlarbie

    Server Donation Contest Prizes!

    Thank you Otters and US3! 😍
  11. Schlarbie

    Patch 4.50.9 - Relics of Malice

    Thank you, Damon! For this: "Thanks for weighing in. We are listening!" And this: "We may adjust the challenge levels for each reward tier as we see how players are faring. It's more popular to move them down than up, so we set them high at the start. " And this! "We're also thinking...
  12. Schlarbie

    V&H Influencer Ads

    When advertising playing with friends, maybe make clear irl friends AND new friends made in game...the ads all sounded like they were bringing irl friends with them lol. Agree too with working on a general online presence so v&h would pop up like it did for me a few years ago...when I asked...
  13. Schlarbie

    Grouping for Zingara

    Sure would helpful if it was more clear and/0r consistent...elder boss is different than mobs is different than mobs in ez is different than zingara is different than blight motes 🤯
  14. Schlarbie

    Shadow of the Eclipse - Discussion Thread

    Two thumbs down for the 95s revamp. I miss the timer and the race for gold. I was already bummed you took out the dungeons, and changing the 95s which followed the same race-for-time structure bums me out even more. The pick gold, silver or bronze before you begin format feels dumbed down and...
  15. Schlarbie

    Patch 4.42 - Shadow of The Eclipse!

    I am super disappointed the elder level crowns are going away. It was just a handful, a nice incentive to keep playing my maxed toon. IFYI, I've spent more cash on crowns in my toon's twilight years than early on, my elder level crowns are a treat but in no way keeping my wallet in my pocket...
  16. Schlarbie

    Mother's Day Gift!

    Thank you! What a treat 😁
  17. Schlarbie

    FREE St. Patrick’s Day Gifts!

    Thank you!
  18. Schlarbie

    PLEASE Build Custom Chat View on Mobile Like it is on PC

    IrishElf, please see PlatinumPlatypus' comment...that is exactly what so many of us very much want for mobile!
  19. Schlarbie

    PLEASE Build Custom Chat View on Mobile Like it is on PC

    Hello, PLEASE consider adding a way to customize chat pop ups, like it is on PC? I very often see players ask how they can turn off World Chat, and I nearly always wish I could too, although I still want to see Guild and Local! The "Turn off Pop ups" is a great start ... Now can we please...